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I think this game is full of modders/cheater?

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I believe this game is full of modders, I can't believe the car could go into the dirt without getting slower, crashed like it never happened, teleportation, cornering without breaking, so weird.

Oh, you can report that player? No, I won't do that, because they might have fun with it.

So what's the point of Esport if everyone can patch their mod? So I thought, this game already failed on Esport, well at least it's free to play after all but just don't get too serious, it will be your loss.

Oh also, I can't play this game without an assist, at least a custom setting with a low steering assist. Driving without steering assist is seriously terrible.

Another weird thing is manual breaking without assistance is much slower than using it.


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Have you read the Codemasters frequently asked questions on this subject?

Why aren't other players penalized for driving off the track?

When you drive outside of the track limits, your car noticeably slows. This is also true for your opponent. However sometimes, due to latency in either your connection or your opponent's, this appears not to be the case. This is because of an issue known as "Rubber Banding" where the position of other players can be inaccurately displayed on your device.
If you see, therefore, another player driving off track, this does not indicate that they are actually doing so.
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