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F1 Calendar Update


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Hi @BarryBL

what does it mean? any further news about it? (Below the google translate 🙂)


"In light of recent developments relating to COVID-19, Formula 1 has announced several postponements to safeguard the safety of fans, teams and the entire F1 community.
Formula 1 is committed to offering fans a championship season for the year 2020, and is working on an updated calendar that will be made public at the most appropriate time."

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I think the game was originally programmed with the idea of the original F1 calendar in mind and that calendar was reflected in the in game calendar you see.

That message appears to me to be a placeholder message that was intended to be replaced by the details of the actual F1 calendar as it ended up being, but just didn't get implemented in the end. Probably due to the fact they started the season with the calendar not confirmed.

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