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DRL PC EU F1 2O2O Looking for drivers for our first season!

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Hello, Drift Racing League is a brand new PC EU based league for the f1 2020 game. 
We are currently looking for drivers for our first season of league racing. 
There are 16 Races on the calendar.
We work with a penalty system to prevent people from ruining others' races with dirty driving. 
All assists are allowed
If you are interested in battling it out on the track against 19 other drivers in a competitive league check out our Discord and/or Steam Group.
Are you not really into the driving part of formula 1? 
You can become the team manager for one of the teams in our league!
Even if you are not interested in racing every week in our league you can still join and have a ton of fun driving other drivers in private lobbies!
We look forward to seeing you on the track!

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