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Player tyre strategy bug is back!

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  • Spa, 25% distance, maximum R&D, prerace tyre strategy for 11 laps, start on quali soft to lap 7 then switch to medium, medium selected in the quick menu mfd during race too, pit lap 7 with soft tyres at 30% wear and less, easy management, pitting for the mediums but come out of the pits with hards, first notice the white trim then double check its not just a colour issue but they are indeed hards, medium are still on the mfd to select. As usual the option to change strategy did pop up and stated if I wanted to 1, change the strategy to lap 7 on mediums or 2, keep strategy to lap 7 on mediums.. Naturally I picked keep strategy even though they were the same.
  • PS4
  • Version 1.13
  • My Team Career mode
  • Not yet double checked the issue but as its an historic bug issue and coincidentally during the first race in career since the latest update 1.13 I'm guessing it may have returned with this?
  • No purposeful effort to play around or cause a bug, the race was straight forward and as prerace settings were to my liking I only reduced the fuel to start by a small margin but kept the standard pit strategy for lap 7 for mediums. Nothing else was changed except in race I regularly changed the fuel and ers personally to maximise race performance as I normally do, I keep ers on manual management.
  • Tried to use a flashback soon as I twigged that the tyre trim was white not yellow as they should have been but flashback only went as far as the exit of the pit box so couldn't attempt to force the correct change of tyre.
  • Standard official PS4 controller
  • No capture as my Internet cut out or interrupted when I clicked share on my controller so wiped the save, though I can record a replay but it won't show the mfd, only that I was given hard tyres at the end of lap 7 of an 11 lap race. Which hopefully will prove enough as its an odd tyre call whatever the situation.

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Thanks for the report @ChironTheseus.

A video of this happening would be really useful. Did you select Mediums in the pre-race? How many sets of mediums did you use in Practice & Quali?

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Sorry no video, but I would have had the reserves, in practice I never use 2 of 1 compound, I'll use the worn set to do 2 or more programmes, yes the medium were selected by default as the tyre to switch to, only changes I make for pits are often I'll make the pit a lap later than recommended and lower fuel now I'm maxed on R&D. Minimal tyre wear and fuel usage.

Also during the race, especially at the start I always toggle the MFD and mediums were selected there for the next tyre to use. No changes were made by me on that MFD screen.

No mediums were used in qualifying. And P3 was skipped. So just 1 medium each used in P1 and P2 and no other session.

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