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How important do you think Setup's will be?

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Obviously if there are settings it has to make some difference in performance or why include that. Its bogus IMO Seems like another way to split the community up. BTW some of the settings that are allowed by the host are a little ridiculous like making it a manual only room. Some people like myself can't use a manual because of my handicap. So I hope a lot of people will allow automatic cars in there custom rooms.
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the way I read into what @Looer said is the setup system is more to help you get comfortable with the car it doesn't give you a performance advantage only the upgrades that your team give you within the game will do that
From what I've seen though the gear ratios do make a vast difference in terms of the car's top speed, but it doesn't seem to affect the acceleration that much.

I've seen someone use 100% short gears and 100% long gears in an open-wheeler and at 100% short the car was on the rev limiter around 150mph whereas with long gears it got to the top of 5th at 150-ish. Top speed of 'stock' seems to be around 155-156mph in 6th.

I'm still hoping that a 'good' car setup will only give perhaps 0.5-1.0s of laptime advantage. No matter how much Loore tries to play it down, car setups -will- affect laptime in some way as well as how easy a car is to drive. But, I don't think it will make that much of a difference as it might do in sims or in games like F1. :)
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I will be tinkering with setups in drifting a lot. I doubt it will do much in say touring cars but gear ratio in drifting is mas importante. That's the main flaw with GRID's drifting the ratios were too close. Banging the rev limiter and locking your wheels through half the turn isn't quite right. With the Rx7 and AE86 I could use third and get some pretty realistic drifts to happen. So I assume I'll be putting the gearing to way long in drifting to be able to use all of the torque curve and steer more with the throttle than e brake. I'd like to see how the setups work in the races too. In DiRT I had the cars set up to want to over steer so I could mash the throttle through the whole corner and have higher exit speeds. It won't work the same on tarmac, but hopefully you can find that right amout of natural oversteer to suit your input style.
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