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Delta Championship - looking for drivers (free for all) for Xbox and wheel only

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Season 1 starting 12-13th December to give time for people to join the league. For the first three weeks there will be one race every Sunday then every two weeks afterwards. Race teams of two are allowed but not required. Based in UK but any drivers who can make the races are welcome. Follow me on Instagram @monty_delta_21 and I will make a group chat to keep people up to date and if you have any questions about the league. I will keep the team championship standings up to date on my story. (If you join within three days of this post, the calendar will say that the next race is on Saturday. This is not the case.) 

Assists and rules: 

No assists other than: clutch, pit assist, medium traction control. 

Rules: strict FIA (regular is to complacent)

May create a ‘B’ league if the original league becomes full and then will have a ‘tier system’.

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