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Hi Mike, if you email custserv@codemasters.com and ask really really nicely (its not normally something they do) they should be able to help you. 
I tried e-mailing support but was told no. Here's their response :(
Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning RaceNet. I'm afraid that it isn't possible to change your display name. Sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards J*** Codemasters Customer Services
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@Loore @justbiglee @Satine I'd quite like to change the Email associated with my Codemasters Accounts (for the forum, RaceNet, etc), but obviously I would like to keep my posts, RaceNet scores, etc. Am I able to do this myself? If not, are you able to do it? If not, should I just make a new account with the Email I want and start over?
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And I would like to change my username too. Back when I created my account in the old forums (before this and the last one that was introduced in august of 2012 or 2013, can't remember now) you needed to create two different usernames, I think one of them was a general username and the second one was a forum only username.

I want to change that "general" username because it's retarded (c'mon, the first three letters of your real name + the number one  lacks creativity), I typed a random thing that came first in my mind.
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