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F1 2021 new Training mode (?)

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Hi CM,

what about a new let's call it Training mode, similar to TT, but only private I would say and with some features like it follows...

After choosing the track/time/weather/etc. (like TT) the player could choose how to play:

- select the compound Soft - Medium - Hard
- select laps number (1 or +)
- select tyre wearing on/off
- select starting wearing for each tyre
- select the starting fuel amount
- select on/off for fuel consumption
- select on/off standing start

This would allow a player to better simulate race pace, compare compounds, test the first lap, etc. without being in a GP/career with other cars around, retry and of  course save best results like if it was a TT ranking, just made up only of player's own laps/sessions. Besides the leaderboard should allow the player to set filters about any toggle (e.g. all the compounds, or only soft, etc. + X <= tyre wearing <= Y + ...).

This would be very useful for how I play this game, but of course I don't know if it may be appreciated by the most. I throw the idea there...

Thank you for reading :classic_smile:

Kind regards,

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