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F1 Race Stars remake, please

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Hi Codemasters!

As the title says: please make a new F1 Race Stars for the PS5!

Let's not pretend to hide the elephant in the room. It was Mario Kart for PlayStation 3 and no doubt inspired by it. But wow, what a magnificent kart game it was! It had its flaws, but it was enjoyable for adults, kids, F1 fans, non-F1 fans, gamers, non-gamers and so on. I.e. it was a fun experience for everyone. 

The bubble head characters, the (by the standards of those days) good cartoonish graphics and colours, the fictional circuits, the tricks one could pull on each other, and the split screen racing was a great racing experience. Pure fun, just like it's Italian cousins on Nintendo.

Many years have passed since F1 Race Stars was released and me and my adult friends played against each other. I've now got kids and I'd love to share that F1 experience with them as well (and the friends I played the original game with, after the kids have gone to bed).

Please make F1 Race Stars 2021 🙂

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