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Clutch is working between 75 and 100% only - and of course it is slipping

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I have a quite annoying issue that makes driving impossible - the car is accelerating very very slowly because the clutch is minimum 75% pressed.
I am using Logitech G29 wheel, Thrustmaster T3PA pedals and joystick handbrake.
It started when I changed the USB slot for the pedals avoiding stuttering.
When I calibrate the pedals it seems proper in Windows and in the game as well, but in Input
Reporting it starts at 75% and goes to 100. When I press the clutch it drops to 0% the goes up to 100 gradually. When I release it goes to 0% - the pedal is not fully released yet - and continuing releasing it jumps up to 75% and stays there when the clutch is fully released.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers, uninstalled/reinstalled the game, tried more USB slots - the original one too - deleted the XML file and verify game files and it is still the same.

I have no idea what to do now.
I can't solve this sh...t and I can't play at all.

If anybody has a useful idea please let me know.

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