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Buttkicker - Worthwhile with Xbox?


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Hi Folks,

i currently have the NLR F-GT Rig and a Thrustmaster TX wheel. I’d class myself as a ‘serious casual’ racer - I enjoy getting as close to reality as possible, but don’t get enough time on there to justify the expense of a PC rig - probably no more than an hour or two a week.

BUT, as I have the F-GT, i’m tempted to add a Buttkicker Gamer 2 - it’s cost-effective enough to justify adding to what I already have. However, I’m really struggling to get an idea of whether it’s a worthwhile investment. I’ve read that it’s infinitely better paired with Simvibe etc on a PC setup, but equally i’ve seen people use it on an xbox too.

For anyone with a buttkicker and an xbox, does it actually make a difference to the immersion?


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For what it’s worth, since i posted this, I did actually go ahead and buy one.

Initially, just hooking it up to the audio output of my TV I thought the experience was ‘ok’, but not the earth-moving experience I’d been led to expect. However, I dug out a decade-old windows laptop, installed simhub and routed the UDP from the game through that, and wow - night and day difference. Definitely worth picking up *if* you can source a cheap desktop or laptop to use alongside it. 


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