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Difference in car performance in sec

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I was searching this forum for a related topic but couldn't find it, so I decided to start a new one. 

Of course, the difference in car performance is somehow visible by comparing the AI lap times in qualifying or race in the grand prix mode. However, I assume there's a difference if the car is maneuvered by the AI or by yourself?! For exampe: The pink Mercedes is a bit behind RB in the performance chart, but the engine is stronger. So if you twist the setup a bit, I wonder if you're able to go faster than a RB?!

For example: I'm participating in an online league and I'm playing MyTeam. The difficulty is the same. In the online league, I'm having great fights with my teammate (Hamilton), while I'm about 1.5 sec faster / lap in MyTeam compared to my teammate (a roided up Gasly). 

Any comment? 

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I guess that alongside the AI difficulty, the ohter thing to have in consideration is the driver's rating this year AI driver has. It is not the same driving against a 99 overall AI driver as driving against an 80 overall. The car performance should be the same in both cases but the driver's hability makes a big difference IMO.

For example, lets say you play at 100 AI. It is not the same if you put yourself in Albon's car and try to match Verstappen's pace with the same car as if you put yourself in Raikkonen's seat and try to beat Giovinazzi. The second one shoul be a lot easier because of driver's rating.



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