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F1 2020 Multiplayer issues

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Hello everyone,

I faced some incredible issues during the last two weeks with the game while playing online. I know in what horrible state the servers are these weeks and it seems like the last update didn't help with it.

For myself as a league racer which leads to regularly racing in online lobbies and experiencing the state of the server we had so far had 15 races and for the first 13 races I never faced any issue with the servers. But up from two weeks ago which is around the time of a new update I faced the following issues:

- not being able to start my car from the starting like as the game apparently did react to me holding the clutch (report code: TKJR-VSGH-RVTV-EAKJ). It's a known issue, check here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/60875-clutch-issue-cannot-launch/?tab=comments 

- disconnected three times from a lobby while I was apparently in the lobby doing my laps until my teammate asked me to rejoin the lobby after he saw the AI steering my car (report code: CKMM-PCSK-EHTV-EAKJ)

In other games my internet connection is very stable. I did a test run on GT Sport and was even able to race against a South African person without any lag.

Thank you in advance for the effort and I hope that you’re all healthy during this difficult time.

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