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Bug F1 2020

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Hi, ,

As the problem is happening often in so many leagues, I decided to share, because we're suffering a lot with this terrible bug in multiplayer online mode, at this time, with an error in position indication, basically the game shows different positions for each player, causing confusion during the race, so at final, we have different winners, different scenarios of podium in the same session. It can be seen in the video below we've recorded, where there is evidences and details. 

Please, I really want to ask help for Codemaster Support Team in this case, the game is getting worst each patch, but I would like to contribute to change it.


Bug Report Video:


Completed Race Case 1: 


Completed Race Case 2 (1/2):


Completed Race Case 2 (2/2):




Game: F1 2020

Version: 1.13

Platform: Xbox One

Mode: Multiplayer Online (No Ranked) 

Players Country in Session: All from Brazil

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