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New PS4 League Starting! Drivers of all skills welcome!

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I am the current admin of TKRS, a brand new league that formed yesterday looking for drivers of all skill levels to join our racing league! Our league will feature competitive racing while still maintaining the fairness of the sport! All assists are welcome! If you would like more information, please look at our discord for more information in our text channels! Discord - https://discord.gg/D8aqEztP


Dates - We are currently have a poll to decide between racing on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday and at what time works best! (Preferably a time that works for North America and Europe!)


Our Races Feature 

Short Qualifying - 18 Mins 

50% Race Length

Dynamic Weather 

Strict Corner Cutting 


We hope to see you in our discord and our league! Discord - https://discord.gg/D8aqEztP

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