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F2 Improvement

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Hey lads. Just my personal input on F2 and how I think it could be improved, both in championship mode and in career mode.

Championship Mode

- Allow a second set of softer tyres ti be used in qualifying. As I write this thread I am watching the F2 qualifying session in Bahrain and the drivers will use a second set of soft tyres for their second run. In the game we (the players) have been locked into using a single set of tyres in qualifying. Hopefully this can be updated because it’s a small change but makes a big difference to the qualifying in F2 sessions. 

- Have the AI run the alternate strategy. I have played the F1 games since F1 2009 and I believe in every game, the AI runs the fastest simulated strategy available to them, usually the 1st option in the player strategy selection. This means that the AI will always run a one stop strategy in the feature race, starting on the softer tyre and switching to the harder compound. If the developers can change this system and allow a mixed AI strategy it would greatly improve the experience in F2 racing. As a side note, I believe the developers are aware of the current issue that means AI will make a pit stop unnecessarily in the sprint races.


Career Mode 

- The first change I think should be made is allow the player to run a second season in F2. I finished 6th in the standings after a season in F2 and was beaten by Illot, meaning I was the second placed driver in the FDA, I think as it’s our personal career mode, we should have the option to run a second F2 season, as we have the option to run no F2 season at all.

- This is linked into my first point but I felt, at the end of my F2 season, it did not impact my career mode at all, my market value was up €500,000 to when I skipped F2 but it did not make an impact into which team I could sign for and it felt very unrewarding after committing to a full season of 24 Grands Prix. I think how you perform in F2 should directly affect which teams are interested in you, similar to how the draft works on NBA 2K and as the season progresses you can see which teams are interested in signing you.


Hopefully someone will take the time to read and forward this to the developers and if you did, thank you.



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