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[PC] Receiving Ego Dumper With C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000F60187C0


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1.       A description of the issue. Please include any error codes here.

The game crashes mid-race once every other race. I receive the EGO Dumper screen with this at the top "processId=11408, threadId=10024, exceptionPointers=0000000026B0C190, buildId=704326".

The info.txt file lists "Exception": "C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000F60187C0"

2.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen)


This exact behavior was happening in F1 2019 (I tried various troubleshooting with no luck).

3.       Game-mode?

Single player career, only during quali/race

4.       Are you able to recreate the issue? If so, please include recreation steps on how you encountered this issue.

The issue appears to be semi random. After the game crashes, I can typically replay the race I was attempting without issue. The issue will then occur again 1-2 races later.

5.       How often do you see this problem? Is it the only time or does it always happen?

This occurs every 1 - 2 races.

6.       Have you tried any troubleshooting? We recommend the steps here as a starting point for any issues. Please let us know what troubleshooting methods you have tried while creating this post.

-System restart

-Verified integrity of files


-Checked for corrupt files using sfc (found two, but problem still persists)

-Turned graphics settings from ultra to high

-Turned on vsync to cap frame rate at 144

-Latest graphics driver installed

7.       Any accessories you are using (gamepad, wheel etc)

-Logitech G29 (happened in F1 2019 without the wheel)

8.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.

-Dump files attached


Thank you!







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  • Administrator

From your Diag, your drivers here are 11/5/2020. Can you confirm that is the latest? Also:

  •  Turn off SSRT Shadows
  •  Turn off Skidmarks.
  • Run slightly lower

Can you also post your in-game graphical settings too. Thanks.

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9 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

From your Diag, your drivers here are 11/5/2020. Can you confirm that is the latest? Also:

Nvidia drivers? I'm a bit confused, as the DxDiag shows and 11/5/20, but GeForce Exp shows 457.30 and 11/9/20. But it says its up to date.

Attached are my graphics settings.

I'll try those suggestions and get back to you.




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