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[PS4] F1 2015 Bugs and Issues


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So I was doing the Monaco GP as Felipe Massa in season mode (2015), I came out the pits and lit the rears up, couldn't correct it because of the stupid restrictions on steering in the pit exit and hit the wall.
BUG 1) I used a rewind (like a n00b), and when I came back to driving my tyres were invisible and I was floating around on my brake pads

BUG 2) I thought what the hell? I rewound again and rejoined with proper tyres, however, this time I was not in control of the car and instead the AI was driving?! I even tried saving the session and rejoining but still the AI was driving...

EDIT: Its worth noting that I rewound to points at which I was still in the pit exit and so was only semi in control, which I assume has something to do with it
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I'm a T300RS user on the PS4 and PC with a TV and AV receiver with 5.1 speakers and these are my observations on PS4.

-Australia Grand Prix, used a flash back coming out of the pits, it slapped me right on the start finish straight stationary. Ended my race.
-Australia Grand Prix, terrible frame rate issues, skipping frames, skipping forward and general tearing all round. FPS also terrible when viewing the rear camera, the mirrors are rendered at a poor rate too. Missing helmets and stuttering along. Low FPS on the rear camera is very noticeable on turn 1/2 and between 6, 7 and 8. 
-Audio is terribly balanced when outputting via HDMI to my AV receiver and 5.1 setup. I cannot hear the engineer even with all of the audio options set low and engineer set to 100. 
-No car status indicator
-Malaysia Time trial, awful frame rates especially in cockpit view.
-Monaco Time trial, you guessed it, frame rate issues everywhere.
-Pro Season mode, all assists are switched on even though they should be off.
-AI can be a little too aggressive and can sometimes barge you out of the way or drag you into the gravel at turn one in Australia. 
-I've not managed to connect to a hopper session yet, it always fails to find a game

This is all I've played so far but will add more issues when I find them. 

I'm enjoying the handling model, best Codemasters F1 title in terms of driving feel and FFB so well done. Let's get these bugs squashed and enjoy the game. The AI are generally very good as well so when it runs OK it's great to play but as it is its very limited. 

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Can we please have some kind of time frame for something to be done as it is very frustrating paying for a game that you cant use my problems are ALL OF THE ABOVE the list seems to be endless, I don't know if any one is using 2014  season I know we have all kind of done that all ready. all be it on the ps3 so isn't it a waste of memory for you, as well as the aeroplanes that fly over circuits ? and I don't know if any other member of the community has noticed how dark Bahrain seems to be or that may be just me, so could we have some kind of news on how long, as our league needs to get on soon as TARJAM said previously ,Thanks

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2014 Championship Mode
Playing as Bottas
AI Hard
All assists off except Pit, TC Medium, Automatic Gears.

Started race 3rd on Prime Tyre, fell behind Massa to 4th. Rain came on Lap 6, requested Inters on menu, stacked behind Massa (no choice due to weather). Was fitted another set of primes. Tried to flashback but was left on start line so restarted session and I was put into intermediates when the track was dry. Restarted session again and I was back on primes!! 
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Joined Standard - Calendar Greats, eventually got into a lobby after 15minutes! Went to race (Spain) loaded car setting and that was it stuck! Couldn't go back, forward, sideways! No options, just stuck! Switched off and went to bed...fed up! 
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Bug F1 2015 PS4

Championship Mode, Melbourne, Hamilton, Camera inside (cockpit) 

  1. crashing the car next to me, the front wing is not damaged
  2. during qualifying on the first lap , the car next to me disappears and reappears (as a ghost)
  3. when I destroyed the front tire , all tires disappear and remains only the alloy wheel
  4. while the mechanical reported the car inside the box , another car went through me to get back to his box
  5. I can't hear the sound of front wing been destroyed
  6. huge fps drop in replays, box and in the video when you finish the race

  I was playing 30 minutes, with ps4 dual shock

I await confirmation of reading these bugs


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Game Freezes
Championship Season Mode, any car.
During every weekend on any difficulty in any session..the game freezes temporarily then engages warp speed to catch up with itself. Often putting you into a wall or another car..off the track..and always loses you lap time
I'm using a T300RS with the F1 wheel..always in Career mode and at expert or legend difficulty.. 100% race distance /long weekend and occurs at every circuit.
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Engine is way to quiet.
Career championship season mode, long weekend , T300RS...any car.
When racing near other cars their engines drown out the noise of my own. Even when driving alone..its still far to quiet.
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Save game in the pit lane..when you load it to return playing..it starts you off at a standstill in the middle of the pit straight.
Career Championship Season, 100 %, T300RS, Expert or Legend.
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Using PS4 Official Controller I noticed the following issues:

Game ruining issues:
1. AI are considerably faster on main straights than I am, even when I get a perfect run off the final bend to the straight (haven't seen it this bad on the previous 3 games I owned). Looking through this thread, it could be due to the R2 button on the PS4 controller? Re-mapping the accelerator to another button apparently gives faster straight line speed... Need to test it to confirm.

2. AI are very careless at race starts and round corners. They seem to ignore you are there and will often steer into you and often sends you into a crazy/ OTT spin. You always come off worse. Interestingly when I get frustrated and try it on the AI, they always seem to have minimal damage compared... Related to this, the AI don't seem to get penalized when they steer into you causing a crash. 

3. In championship mode the AI often pit cars on the same team at the same time, whoever was behind their team mate usually has their race ruined...

4. Off the track limits warning/ penalties are very inconsistent. It should always be 4 wheels off the track = penalty/ warning. I often accidentally do this during qualifying and my lap still counts.

5. I can't join online matches. After selecting the game mode I want to join and being asked whether the join the available match, he game will attempt to connect me to a match and then error almost straight away everytime.

EDIT - After yesterday's patch, I am STILL struggling joining an online match on PS4 even though the patch was fixing online issues apparently. Since yesterday it asks if I want to join the match, I click "Yes" and it just takes me back to the multiplayer menu (when you select which match type you want to join...) and nothing else happens.

I have to restart again for the game to allow me to try connecting to another online match and the same thing happens, just takes me back to the multiplayer menu without attempting to connect me to the match... gave up!

Display issues (not game ruining):
1. Sometimes (noticed this most in quick race) the wheels on the car go out of sync somehow. I'll be driving straight and the wheels will all point to the right for example, very off putting when driving and is visible in replays also.

2. In the pit lane, it is just me or does the car (auto driving) not turn the wheel enough to realistically be able to turn into where the mechanics are? The wheel must turn about 20 degrees when I think it should be more like full lock? Here's an example, it isn't far off this in the current version:

Those are my main issues I have noticed during my time with the game.
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