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[PS4] F1 2015 Bugs and Issues


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ISSUE with car top speed.
I am currently driving the championship season as Lewis Hamilton on Expert difficulty with no assists on ps4 using a thrustmaster t80 wheel. At the beginning of the season my car setups and straight line speed and acceleration were great (after watching some top youtubers tips on car setups). However, in the last 4 rounds starting with Monaco, my car just has NOOO straight line speed. I practiced the track and car setup in time trial mode. Then I went to start practice in career mode and I was 3-5 seconds slower and my top speed was 20+ mph less than what it was in time trial with the same exact setup. When I did career mode on Canada with the most straight line setup I can have my car wasn't even close to reaching 200mph. I'm stuck driving around in nearly last place even though I know my setup is good enough to run with the top AI because I have matched or exceeded their times in time trial mode. What is the cause of this? Is the game not loading my saved setup correctly in career mode? It's so unenjoyable to play like this. Please help. Thank you. 
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My issue is with the penalty system.

If you get a penalty you only get a three second warning. You could give people a single drive through the pitlane if they have done this more than three times in a row in a race. (anything more than three penalties) Once you get a fourth penalty you receive a drive thru that's what I'm trying to say sorry  

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PS4, Across the board..

AI issues, they are mental. Game full of maldonados.. The most stupid AI I've come across. They all leave the pits at the same time, pit stop at the same time..and crash into you constantly, even on out-laps!
Blue Flags!!??..where are they when you need them? Inconsistent at best. AI performance needs addressing as well, especially on straights!
Brake lock ups.. Requires dampening. AI performance advantage on full wets.
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In addition to those already reported in this thread:

-AI not slowing down on parade lap, still go at race pace 

-when changing tyres on the grid, the strategy isn't changed in game, and you are constantly called to box.  Also despite changing strategy, the pit crew will fit the wrong/same tyres at the stop unless you specify 
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Bug Report Form


Force Feedback problem with T500 RS (With/Without Ferrari Add-on)

Game Mode.


The Steps to Reproduce The Issue.
Playing normally, if you pause the game and go or not to garage and change or not the tires, when you go back to the track you have no Force Feedback anymore or have a Little Little bit

 What were you doing specifically when the issue occurred?

Everytime that you pause the game or go to Replay/Flashback

What is the Frequency of the issue?


Your recent history of races.
Ferrai/Vettel but this bug occurs with all pilots

How long was your current session?

What controller / wheel were you using?

T500 RS with/without Ferrari Add-on

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online sprint standard (5laps) : the race finish after 1 lap and you know the winner name just after the start.

new people who joined the lobby after some races get the points of the others who play before.

no intermediate time if you improve your faster lap (green) , you see the time on screen only if you are slower (in red).
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Platform: ps4
Wheel: fanatec csr
Game mode: championship season

3 bugs i have found
1. Fastest lap never shows throughout the race for myself or any of the ai drivers
2. The info section of the hud does not update to reflect your current fuel mode and fuel status(+ or - laps)
3. Cannot use the second half of the engineer commands, as soon as you scroll half way down the list of commands it just closes the engineer dialog.

Frequency: 100% of the time for all 3 issues

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PS4 Thrustmaster T100 force feedback is doing the complete opposite to how the force feedback should react... It's pulling the wheel into the corners. It's making the game unusable with the T100 wheel! Negative force feedback!
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