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[VR] Reduced refresh rate/fluidity of driver animations and wheel movement in

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Hi all,

I tried searching for this all around the web but found no answer.

When in VR and in cockpit view i get perfect 90fps and movement of car vs. outside is fluid.

Unfortunately driver hand movements and wheel movement seems to run at reduced refresh rate it's not as fluid as it should be.

Weird thing is that when game goes into this VR window mode (a window of the game is displayyed in VR space) those animations look perfect then.

Is there any setting to fix that?

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It is adressed many times. Never a word from the developers why this isn't fixed. The only news from the developers is that this game is not developed and supported anymore, so missing features such as proper analog handbrake support, vr wmr support and fixes like the stuttering wheel movement and the weird brightness issues will never be solved by the developers themself. They don't care how many times this is adressed by the community; it will simply not be fixed by them, they said many times that the support for this game is stopped and all input has gone to future projects. They don't want to do the effort to fix these serious flaws: BUT there is hope that some of these things could be fixed, for example the brightness issue is fixed by the great "VR eye accomodation fix", so there is hope that not codemasters will do something about it, but that someone else will. Just so sad to see that simple requests from the community are getting ignored for years after it's release. I really don't understand this.

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