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[PC] F1 2015 Bugs and Issues


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when running the benchmark at the end of the lap it just's CTD. (5760x1080) 
G29 input lag is bad. can't even drive with the wheel.

 :17-5930k @ 4.0 Ghz || GPU : Evga 970's sli || Ram: DDR4 32 GB @ 2400 ||MB: Asus X99-Deluxe ||OS: windows 8.1 |
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Well, my english is not so good, but i will try to explain my problem: I press play on steam, but it shows a black screen with the mouse in the middle of the screen, than i have to press CTRL + ALT + SUPR. When i press it, it tells me that the "F1 2015 executable stopped working". I don't know what to dl and i would apreciate the help.

My pc is: 
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits
CPU: FX 6300
Gpu: salphire r9 270x 2gb
8GB ram

The funniest thing is that I installed the game on an old laptop and the problem didn't appear, i hope someone of the technical staffcan help me.
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In Championship mode, Hard AI, 100% Race, Cataluniya, on lap 47, unbelievably difficult trying to lap a Sauber when he's trying to lap a Manor, while I'm in a Red Bull, and both of them "refuse" to obey their Blue flags for a complete lap. When I managed to lap the Sauber with open DRS, the Manor still "refuse" to obey it's Blue flag while the Sauber now behind me wants to race me instead of cooling down a bit and just ends up Slaming me in the back to push me off track. I'm like WTF???? (Good thing there are Flashbacks to "save" my race but, still.... shouldn't be that way.)

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Winzards said:
rswpt said:
I believe that the xbox360 gamepad preset issues should be looked like a priority.

Many PC users use various gamepads (like for example the Logitech F710) who are detected by windows as xbox360, at this time you can go around the xbox360 preset bug issue where ingame it will leave you sit in the car in the track and unable to move, we go around that issue remaping the conroller buttons, creating a custom controller setting however there is still no way to adjust axis sensitivity/deadzones for throttle/brake/steering who leaves the game near to unplayable with over-sensitivity, we cant also forget the menu button navigation bug where e.g. (when using the gamepad) pressing a button that was meant for you to watch the onboard camera of another car it makes you go to the menu instead, that menu bug is in All the menus of the game, leaving you unable to even change the car setup (when you press to change the car setup you are sent back to the main menu- we cant navigate the car setup menu), we can only use presets for the car... at this time there is no way to go around that, not even remapping our gamepad buttons.....

-During race, I noticed that there are never sparks coming out of ours or the other AI cars engines aswell (Steam PC version)
were those sparks effects only added to the console versions of the game?
I loved those back in F1 2013, and i was happy those effects were back on this year's game on PC.

-Audio: engineer voice is too low, we cant hear it, same goes for our car engine, actually the wind bllow audio effect is way too high, is way exagerated and more audible than the engineer or your own car engine....
When using a headset, we have to manually configure windows to set our audio from 5.1 or 7.1 system (main speakers) to stereo pair of speakers, when the game should automaticly detect when using the headset, like in previous CM F1 titles.
If we dont manually change the settings in Windows Control Panel Audio settings then we wont hear the commentary and other audio as the game will try to make 7.1 on the headset (2) speakers....

As for the AI its way better as is than the previous year, i prefer 1000x the AI like this, even when they hit you from behind than the AI from f1 2014 who were way too passive and didnt fight for their position.. i only ask the devs to modify in the penalty system, when the AI hits us from behind and we have the racing line they should get the collision penalty, not us!

No problems with FPS drops or game craches in my end.

Windows7 Ultimate 64bit (fully updated), Nvidia GTX770 (latest nvidia drivers), 8GB ddr3, i7 2600K 3.40GHz, Samsung SSD Evo 260GB
gamepad Logitech F710

Edit: I havent noticed before, but now i can confirm that after this patch i no longer have steady 60fps (vsync on) on melbourne, now it sometimes drops back to 50 fps. before, i had solid and steady 60 during the whole race time.
I have the F710 .. with the same issue.. Disconnect your controller before launching the game and plug it back, it should fix it.. did the tick for me.
Thank you! it worked to fix the menus and control the car in the track!
I hope this issue gets fixed in a patch and we are finally allowed to setup steering sensitivity in advanced settings..
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I had played the game for 9 hours but now the game wont load. It comes with messasge "error 41steam servers too busy"
I use Windows 10 Pro
My other issues were my CSR wheel throttle only worked from half way down, and there was no Force Feedback just the noise from the speakers when crossing  side kerbs.
I have been trying for 2 days to start the game and now have give up.

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Have posted in pinned thread in gen. disc. forum, but repeating in here.

Exiting track to pit lane:
Losing at least 3 seconds per pit stop against AI. Game controlling gears before pit limiter in effect, but AI not slowing until pit limiter in effect.

Keep getting corner cutting penalty at TURN 11 yet pylon at apex still standing

Single Player mode.
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Great game great improvement generally... finished first career race at Melbourne as Danny Kyvat..  Love the tyre wear system now!

OK Bugs

1/ When catching the backmarkers, sometimes the blue flag is on sometimes not. The backmarkers do not move out of the way. Critical - it ruins the game.

2/ Leaving the pits my car automatically selected 2nd gear - I nearly crashed out, but then the gears started to change again. (I drive no assists - manual box)

3/ As mentioned elsewhere you cannot hear the engineer no matter how you adjust your audio settings. Suggest when the engineer talks all other sounds are dulled for the duration.

4/ As mentioned elsewhere, the G27 settings are not good, and there are a mix of controller icons and keyboard icons on screen.

But enjoyed the race, great fun,
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I'm sorry but how is it that this gaem is still completely broken after so long? I'm not complaining about AI or motion blur or anything like so decadently advanced - I mean I actually can't play the game with a controller, BECAUSE THE BRAKES ARE LOCKED ON.

I'm using a Logitech F510, which is coded exactly the same as an F710, one of the most popular PC gamepads. The functionality of the B, X and A buttons are all the wrong way round, so navigating through the menus is very difficult.

The biggest problem however, is that the game LOCKS THE BRAKES, ON, as sooon as I take control of the car, in any game mode.

How is this not a DAY 1 FIX? It's been a week now and I still haven't turned a corner in the game, because THE CAR WON'T GO FORWARDS.

If I start the game with the gamepad unplugged, then plug it in, it fixes the locking issue, but I can't use a custom profile for the controller. I've set it up exactly how I like it, but as soon as I exit the controller screen, the game switches back to "XBox 360 preset 1" whether I like it or not.

What, exactly, is the point of having custom controller config options if the game is going to default to the 360 controller preset regardless, every time you leave the controller config screen?

Also, the game sitll crashes every time you close it.

Are you just not planning on fixing it? Do you feel that there's no rush to make the game playable ON ANY LEVEL with a non-360 gamepad? 

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, this is an absolute joke. I can't properly explain how disappointed I am. 

...Like, really? You don't think controller support is important enough to fix within the first WEEK that the game is released?
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I cant configurate my Logitech Driving GTsystem. Steering wheel works fine, but theres no way I can configure the pedals. The preset configuration doesnt make the pedals work and when i try to map them manually it doesnt work either. When mapping manually, if  I press the gas pedal it says slip pedal 1, then if i map the brake pedal, the configuration of gas pedal dissapear and the slip pedal 1 appears on the brake configuration.

Hopefully you will fix it soon, i feel dissapointed

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My problems:

1) I can not download the updates! I recieve a message saying that I can not connect to the servers at this time... since 10th July (error 41).
I 'hope' that some of the following issues are fixed in the 2 (that I have read about) updates, but I will list them anyway
2) Multiplayer mode:
a) regularly loose all control of the car, as in my input is over ridden by the computer and by the time my input is recognised I am already in the wall etc.
b) when racing friends, I pass a friends car multiple times (not a ghost car) per lap (without them repassing me on my screen) for a few laps, yet the timing screen (and my friends screens) show I am loosing many seconds per lap and at limes can be 10sec behind (while I am battling thier car on my screen). As if I am in a completely different race on screen, but not on the timing...
c) Unable to see weekend weather forcast anywhere (maybe I and my friends can not find it but it is hidden somewhere?) making setup choice impossible
d) All attempts at connecting to other multiplayer games apart from a 'friend battle' is unsuccessful.
e) No ability to race friends and make up the rest of the grid with AI! Co Op is meteorically missed!

Computer specs
MSI GT70 2PC Dominator
Win 8.1 64bit
NVidia GTX870M
Intel i7-4810MQ @ 2.8
16G Ram

10mps - 20mps down
0.8 - 1.2mps up
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Put this in general discussion thread, but really should be in here. On PC but probably applies to all.

Mclaren steering wheel bug, not seen it on any other cars.
Grey paddles at back of wheel have brake disc glow when applying the brakes.


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I play the game 1 week now and the most important thing who missing are the follows:
-Timing screens are off 
-No spray in the rain, and no champaine spray in podium cut scene
-No FFB for wheels and xbox controller (Force Feedback is so light)
-Weird blurry graphics
-Permanent yellow flags caused by AI in certain spots
-AI completly ignoring blue flags
-Engine permanently overheating
-AI crashes often
-AI are hitting too often the back
-Pitcrew bug
-Cutting corner bug (you can cut a corner with 4 tyres in)
-AI generally will shunt and try to spin you, then penalty for me
-Engineer telling me I will have to save fuel at my current rate despite having +2 and running in normal
-Fuel Status bug
-In practice and qualiflying AI top time switched to being 00.00.00, no split times showing time from fastest lap but in race director previous fastest lap time still listed.
-no drivers in the car when looking through the mirror of a car
-Ai are stuck in wall
-Team-mates always pitting on the same lap
-Engineer voice volume is too low we cant hear him
-Engines Sounds should be more louder
- pit radio: (LB) should be open the menu or closing the menu, is nearly impossible to hold this button down and then press another two buttons (dpad down and dpad right) to navigate in this menue while driving with a pad
-No safety car(i know its difficult to put,but maybe you can put virtual safety car)
All that is for PC version.
Thats my system who play the game.
Win 7 64bit(service pack1),Ram 12gb,i5 4690k,asus gtx 970 oc,samsung monitor 24' full hd,250gb sd(the game install there)

Thanks and keep going for new patch or update to get real good experience F1 game
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please bring back an option to disable voice chat in audio settings on PC. It's horrible if guys have recording settings on "what you hear" or playing with speakers. You can mute players in the lobby, but if afterwards during the race, some guys with broken Mic settings joins the lobby for waiting you can't do anything against the noisy voice chat sound ... 
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Just had another issue today. During Time trial, at Canada, and on lap two and three the game would freeze every 20 or so seconds for about 3-5 sec. Making driving very difficult. After the 4th lap it sorted whatever it was trying to do out.
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