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[PC] F1 2015 Bugs and Issues


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After 6 days still getting error 41 integricheck DONT WORK, i removed the game reinstalled it same sheit...
I get random kicked from server at the start, so you wait for 15 min,  then you and everyone else gets kicked even the host got banned in his own lobby.
There is no way to make an online lobby without the use of friends online. And where does it show? It will only run local on your pc and not on the wide open internet.
If you (Codemasters) do not give an option to refund games that fluke. Ill never buy one again. PERIOD
I just whiped my ass with 2 20 euro bill's just to proof a point
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opnyx said:
I have a very big problem with F1 2015.
Even minimal graphic quality, the game only runs at 20 or 30 FPS, while on the same PC, F1 2013 and 2014 run in ultra with 60 FPS.
The game could be very good if this problem was fixed.
I checked that the game worked well with my nvidia card, and that is the case. So I do not see where the problem may come, if it is not an optimization problem.
I expect a correction of this problem quickly.

My graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GT 750M
intel core i7-4702MQ 2.2GHz w / boost 3.2Ghz
8 GB DDR3 Memory L
Windows 8 64 bits
1000 GB HDD
xbox one controller

Please Codemasters, fix it :(  
2x gtx 460 1gb ddr5 a piece in SLI, but ow oeps WE FORGOTTEN THAT SOME PEOPLE PLAY IN SLI
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BrooksGP said:
Just had another issue today. During Time trial, at Canada, and on lap two and three the game would freeze every 20 or so seconds for about 3-5 sec. Making driving very difficult. After the 4th lap it sorted whatever it was trying to do out.
Happened in Qualifying for a championship race an hour ago. I noticed that the computer was data loading at 100% during these times! My computer specs are running way above the minimum requirements, with lots of resources in hand. How can this be possible?! Its not like I'm rendering a 1080P movie at the same time!
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Just wanted to hop in and thank everyone for the continued reporting of issues and bugs with the game. I may not reply to you all but I am reading and reporting these to the teams to get the issues looked into.

Thanks again. 
Ok.Thanks men this show  me that you are not rest ...take as much time as you want enough to fixed all this bugs-glitch and the Al....
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Maybe it's already happened, but three errors that I noticed ;)

  1. When you call in to the pit lane there is a stopwatch, but then it disappears. It appears only directly during the pit stop. Pit stop I can go for 0.2 seconds?
  2. Four-wheel drive on the road. This and many other unusual errors occur when using flashback?
  3. The main problem - When you load the game you are prompted to overwrite saving. All settings and saved games are deleted?
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During practice, after doing a few laps and returning to the pits, any time I leave the pits, at about turn 2 of my out lap I get congratulated by my engineer on a great lap and that all my sectors where purple???

I haven't even started a flying lap yet and at the end of my out lap, i again get congratulated on my lap. This to me is a bug and should be removed. 

I don,t know what my chances are though, because it's pretty similar in 2013 & 2014 and CM never corrected it. I know it's not a game breaker, but its just another piece of Arcade type lack of realism.

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I think another glitch developped since the last patch (20/07/15), if you overtook someone illegally (cutting a corner while overtaing) , and use the flashback to rectify it and somehow overtake him again(legally) you still get the "Illegal overtake" warning ...
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At this moment I played 6 full weekends and I'm very pleased about the game. Monaco is very difficult to take places and that is good. The AI cars are very agressive and that is also nice. However.....When I'm lapping the AI and they get blue flags they are still very agressive. I can't passed them without hittng them. And when I'm hitting them I get some warnings. Please make it easier to lapped the AI. Despite of this great game I missed things like career mode (that's the modus that I only played in the  passed 4 years); The safty car; the virtual saftey car; and the scenarios.

Greetz Ewout

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My system: Alienware R4

Intel(R) Core(TM) i74930K processor (6-cores, 12MB Cache, Overclocked 4.1 GHz w/ Turbo Boost) Dual 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA(R) GTX 770 SLI 256GB Solid State Drive + 1TB SATA (7200RPM) 32MB Cache. 1600MHz DDR3 Quad Channel Memory

Love the way the game feels but I have a couple of issues graphically. For some reason I continue to get a flickering rear left wheel. I can see it in my rear view & in outboard replays. Also when in TT I occasionally get a random frame freeze, I think its when I get too close to a ghost car but can't be sure. 
Also, I'd like to add, there seems to be some confusion over Nvidia Sli support. If there indeed isn't any support this it's a HUGE disadvantage to me - and many other PC users I'm sure. If we don't have it, can we please have it soon? The recommended anti-aliasing settings are SMAA+TAA but I have to manually turn it down to TAA only, as the frame fate loss is too much. If there is no optimised Sli support then that will be the reason. 
One last thing as far as the graphics, can you please get on to Nvidia to release a Game Ready Driver? 

Now, multiplayer, the main mode I play in, some real problems! 

The most catastrophic is the weird syncing issues. I used to experience the same thing in F12013/F12014. A very common occurrence is when you break behind another player, real close to the back of their car, but you don't touch, however the guy in front feels a shunt as if you hit him, but from your perspective you never touched. That can happen a lot. 
And then sometimes some really strange **** happens & the cars positioning is way out of whack. I raced my friend last night (both with good internet connections) I thought I was a few car lengths behind him, but he thought I was in front! He rear-ended me on the straight, but it wasn't me, I was behind watching him as he hit an invisible car that shattered his front wing. I love racing online, but when this happens it completely ruins it! I'm not sure what the cause is - some kinda syncing on the start lights/grid I think - but I can assure you both our internet connections were good. 

One last thing, lobby settings still don't save! And it's REALLY cumbersome to have to delete the whole calendar just to set up a one race lobby! Especially with a wheel! Why have ALL tracks checked to start? Why not let the user add them individually? So much easier! 

Other than that, everything's cool. Love the physics/handling, and it looks amazing (but will be so much better with Sli support!)

Cheers guys       

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PC: Intel i5 2500K; NVidia GTX970; TM TX + TM Ferrari F1
Championship mode; Elite AI; No Assists; 50% race distance.

Second lap of the first round of  the championship @ Melbourne, exiting T4 in second place, car drops instantly to 1st gear and stops on track (not slowly to halt, but suddenly 0 mph). Able to accelerate and shift gears with no issue immediately after.

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PC: Intel Core i7-3930K, 3,2 GHz, NVIDIA GTX780, Windows 8.1
Thrustmaster T500 F1 compatibility not given. Menu options with controller buttons show labels A,B,C,X,Y... the T500 uses only numbers for the buttons.
In addition frequent problem with steering - after a few laps in time trial mode throttle and wheel position get stuck for a few seconds an the car crashes uncontrollably. No idea where that comes from. The whole weekend I had no problems but today evening the issue appeared again at first. Later I could drive again a few laps with no problem. A few days ago I thought I had sorted out the problem by deactivating some programs in the background but today even with those programs inactive the problem was back.
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For some reason my bug got removed from the thread.

PRO MODE IS BROKEN. All assists are ON and I assume they should be OFF! Ideal racing line / gear changes / braking assist etc etc are all ON and there is no way to change them.

Thank you!
Try creating a new save.... if you're willing to.... and this issue should then be resolved when starting a new Pro season.
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Logitech G27. problems:

1) Game will randomly lose recognition of wheel, settings are gone and cannot  use wheel in game or select in setup ( No wheel option in settings). 
Fix at the moment: (a) delete profile and start setup again or (b) if that doesn' t work, uninstall profiler, reinstall profiler and start again.

2) game will randomly cause buttons 1 & 2 to loose menu functions (LB/RB) on screen)
Fix at the moment: Same as 1) above.

3) periodically when starting a session, when the race starts or you are exiting the pits, the wheel has a distinct pull to the left which corrects itself after driving a couple of turns.
Fix: ?

4) Out of the blue, on starting the game, the Wheel loses wheel weight setting, has huge dead zone and sensitivity is hugely increased.
Fix at the the moment: Same as 1) above.

I should note that there is nothing wrong with my Wheel, it plays perfectly in my other games (including F1 2013).

2700k @4.5
8gb Ram
GTX 970, 4gb
W7 Pro 64bit
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel & Pedals.

EDIT: On further monitoring, item 3) occurs every time after shut down or restart of  PC. after problem disappears everything normal when starting new session or restarting game. , however dead zone problem may not occur after every PC shut down or restart.  
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As posted on couple forum posts 1) When playing game the game feels laggy and jerky not smooth, im getting 50fps constantbut feels more like 20 - 30fps. Run in benchmark and they game runs smooth np Running AMD FX6300, 8gb memory, Radeon R7 - 265 2gb Graphics card, latest drivers for graphics card also ATI Catalyst 15.7 Running at 1080p resolution, even when vsync on and off its still same. 2) With XBOX 360 controller or Keyboard When doing flying lap or drive out the car just stops and revs constant without moving, I have to go into configuration for controller, custom and then select the control for Revs and reselect the option I want on controller for it to work have to do this everytime load game 3) Wheel Graphics at back rear left tire keeps disappearing and coming back like flicker effect when looking in flashback or rear view mode
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