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Xbox Friday league needs drivers to open a Second Tier - ALL WELCOME

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Welcome to the F1 DxT Trans-Nation Friday League Xbox

LINK: https://discord.gg/9paXT9e


About Us

Do you enjoy good clean racing? Want to race in a league that's competitive? Don't want the politics you get from other leagues?

Then look no further!

Here at DxT TN we have created a league that caters for everyone. 

League Details

TIER 1 - Start Time - 22:00 GMT (UK TIME)

Status: In Progress 


TIER 2 - Start Time - 22:00 GMT (UK TIME)

Status: In the works - DRIVERS NEEDED 


Short Qualifiing (18 mins)

50% Race Distance 

(Approx. 1.30 hours total)


CDKeys Power League
Requirements regarding assists

Pit Assist - Manuel 
Racing Line (Corners Only)
Braking Assist - OFF

All other assists allowed


How to join

Follow these simple steps

  • Simply join our discord (Link below)


  • Fill out the registration form

Is as simple as that!
Due to our affiliation with Trans-Nation there are also many other leagues running of different days you can take part in too.

Racing not your thing?
If you don't want to race but you have the gift of the gab we also have many Commentator positions available!

You can use your own twich/mixer accounts to stream the races then after the race you simply download the file and send it over to us.
We will then post the video on our youtube channel and ensure to tag you and link your channel in the description.

If this sounds more like you then again simply join our discord and send a message to either myself (DxT Hobo) or DxT Neevo stating you would like to commentate the leagues.

Thank you very much for reading this and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

We hope to see you soon.


DxT Hobo
League Founder

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