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My team completed

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my “my team” journey and the achievements achieved along the way!

My initial plan was to resurrect Force india and obliterate Racing point (which i very much did!) alongside lord Mahveer Ragunathan

After one season, he was he bit to slow so i brought in Mick Schumacher resulting in him winning a few races on his own!

Then came a fellow dutchie, a 100!!! Rated Max Verstappen onboard and won his first championship in dominant fashion

Charles Leclerc, George Russel and Pierre Gasly were teammates aswell but never had the succes like Max did.

To end on a very fun and unique experience in the F1 games, hereby i wanna thank codies on creating this gamemode and hopefully even better things await us!

(Photo #1: Full career results, matched Vettel in terms of wins as well!)

(Photo #2: Season 10 livery)




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16 minutes ago, svensenk86 said:

and which AI level 😉 ? with Flashbacks used or not? How many races per season? Race lenght ? and so on 😉 ..... until it is "great" we need more data 😛

So for most of the races AI level was 102-105 depending on the track, and on tracks like austria and monaco 110. Alot of flashbacks have been used but mainly in qualifying, most races were 25% and some 5 laps, mostly the races after i won the championship lol, just to progress through the next season. And in terms of assists and pov: elite & Cockpit

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Nice, I mostly meant about win number, it is different if it is 53 wins in 100 races than 53 wins in 220 races. As for flashbacks, AI and so on, don't really care. Everyone plays the game as they like. I mean Hamilton is "playing" it on easy for 8 years, but you can't say his results are not great. That was nice career, now you can try again and reproduce MSC-Ferrari or HAM-Merc records. :classic_cool:

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