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Has Error Code 41 been resolved?

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gaski said:
Error 41 is caused by having too many setups in the workshop.  Try to unsubscribe from some of them.  Some people say its having 100+ setups that causes the problem
This is ONE of reasons that you could have error 41 but it's no longer possible - setups are limited around 80.

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Hi there!
I have found a sollution on windows 10, maybe works for You too.
My first attempt was alt+enter right after launching the game. It started in 1024*768 resolution in borderless window. Then i set up the graphic resolution (1080p for me) then played a level without any problem. After that I quit the game and tried again. No success, error code 41 again.
My second attempt was to give administrator rights for drt.exe and edit the hardware_settings_config.xml file @ C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\. I have edited the resolution and the aspect ratio. Since that the game runs without problem. I hope it will work for You too, fellow rally gamers :)

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If you are using your PC daily then you surely once get into the Error Code 41 problem surely. If you are struggling with this code 41 error problem and searching on the internet for the solution of the Error code problem, then this post is surely very helpful to you today because today we are sharing here some quick tips and tricks to fix and solve this Error #41 code problem from you. So just check out the below post to know somehow about this error code problem and check also the solution here too ..!!

Error Code 41 is an error which generally appears when you are trying to uninstall DVD/CD recording software from your PC.

Error Code 41 will stop the user from installing & uninstalling different software properly on the system, also, sometimes degrade your system’s performance. It will also generate the many unexpected PC errors & results in the system crash too.

Error Code 41 is a very common error message that will appear on a system suffering from the Error Code problem.

How to Fix and Solve Error Code 41 Problem :-

1. Update the Drivers for the Device –
2. Replace the Hardware –
3. Remove or Reconfigure the newly insta..... check out more at; Techinpost.com/fixed-error-code-41-problem

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