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Legend Racing League (Xbox & PC / Anyone Can Join!)

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Hi Guys,

I run LRL and i would like to get people for our GP2 league, It is a clean, fun, fair and fast racing league, all assists allowed!

On Xbox 360 we have an F1 & GP2 league
On PC we have a F1 league

Xbox 360 Times:

F1 - Monday 8pm GMT
GP2 - Monday 6pm GMT

PC Time:
F1 - Saturday 6pm GMT

If you would like to join please reply to this post with your Xbox Gamertag / Steam name and what console!

LRL also has leagues on GRID Autosport, Forza 5 and MotoGP14!



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Are you still running your F1 PC league? I noticed on your site you have 15/16 drivers. One spot left for Ferrari. If it's still running I'd like to participate. :)

Steam name: Recon F1

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