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PS4 Controller to G923

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Hi all new here and just looking for some advice. Been playing the F1 franchise on Playststion since 2010. Always debated getting a wheel and with Black Friday finally took the plunge. I know I will get some stick for not getting the cheaper G29 but I took too long so Amazon (which was cheapest) would not have stock until the new year. Also had concern if the G29 would work on the PS5 based on the issue with G27 PS3-PS4 although I believe at the moment they are saying should be cross compatible. As the G923 is more expensive for a ‘true force function’ which I know is very limited compatibility I hope at least I can use this on my PS5 next year which also made me take the G923 route. 

Enough waffle from me - my point is on the controller I have always used the analogue sticks to steer and accelerate/ brake as you get better feeling. I run med traction control no brake assist or abs. 100% AI and with a straight forward race can usually podium in a red bull. Have always had auto gears though with the wheel and paddle shifters  will go to manual.


Years of controller use will mean the learning curve will be steep and fully expect to be slower for the coming months until I get used to it. Any basics people can advise to get me up to speed quicker and also any useful button configs on the wheel that will make ers, radio,  engine mode, drs easy to access? 

Any help anyone can advise would be greatly appreciated. 


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