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Need mod?

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Playing this game becoming funnier, I think someone has created such a mod that makes the car could run off track without slowing down, I've seen this a lot in Bahrain and Melbourne they always take an outside corner to get past another player, I've tried that myself but seems impossible without getting slowed down or get drifted.

Some players even bump my car to the sky, literally. How? 😅 Sadly, there is no replay, I should have recorded the race.

Oh, I think the collision ghost is being abused, somehow that ghost works to get past the AI too, How? IMO Removing the ghost in exchange for a penalty at the end is much fairer I guess.

Oh, I found another one, someone has got into speed hack, that player has zero 0 PI, somehow he beat me on a straight lane.

I think we should find that cheat mod 😁, just for fun, so many off-roaders in this game 🤣

Nb: Please don't use the real racer name for AI, they don't drive like that, not even close, you give athletes a bad name 

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