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So what kind of music do you listen to while driving in DiRT Rally


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I cannot listen to music while playing any game. It is always turned off for me.
When I went to the DiRT 2 launch party I was amazed to find people who were there for the live bands and didn't care about the game, they were just as amazed to find somebody who was there for the game and didn't know what bands were playing.
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 Hey this is what i listen to while driving,
and any music within this Genre like country, blues etc etc
Listen to this while playing dirt 3 wow, This genre of music suits driving games brilliantly
@ JustBigLee and for all beardies out there

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Don't typically have music playing in DiRT Rally, but I do often have some kind of video playing on the laptop.

Music in games, well, that's a mixed thing. Like a movie, it can undeniably elevate a game and parts of it to a new level.
Think you could watch Jaws or Star Wars without the score? When they previewed Jaws without the score, it fell absolutely flat!

Some games just need it. Could you imagine playing Daytona USA without the music? Criminal!

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