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Ranked penalties are bs.

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You put two wheels off the track and you either get your qualie lap deleted or you get warnings in a race that affects your safety rating... sort it out ffs.., you've been making these games for years so this shouldnt be an issue.. also there shouldnt be a vote for the next track, its always thevsame tracks picked... im sick of monza, spa ans canada. This will be my last codemasters game if these arent fixed for the next f1 game.. its beyondca joke.

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I disagree. Those penalties are a must. In unranked lobbies everyone is cutting corners and extending limits. That's not fun or realistic. It reduces the skill gap and it's also not fair to no assist drivers. I didn't know it affects safety rating though. Does it really? Because it doesn't really make sense. I agree about the track voting part. The penalties you get from others hitting you is what needs looking into. 

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