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Now I know why Codemasters put so-called "AI" to the game, this is meant to control the players and resulting in how they win the game, it's too obvious when the so-called "AI" start to crash your car out of nowhere more often than ever in every race, that means you need to lose no matter what, that collision ghost also make a great addition to losing the race, I think it's controlled by the system.

now in every duel, most of the player has the offtrack ability, I suppose that was the so-called "AI"

Shoot, I almost spent money on this game šŸ˜…šŸ¤£, just don't get too serious guys, it's just a game that doesn't worth your money.

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Itā€™s the fake rivals that screw you up.Ā 
I canā€™t really tell whatā€™s going on with the AI cars itā€™s too random for me.

Codmasters have admitted to using fake rivals. These are races you canā€™t win. They are there to peg back your progress and encourage you to spend.Ā 
Remember this is a business to them a business that wants to keeps you hooked and spending in a way that keeps you in the dark. As you approachĀ the boundaries ofĀ different levels you will get more and more fake rivals to keep you playing and to reach your next goal.Ā 
You have no way of telling how real or fake races you actually have. Take a look at theseĀ three screen shoots all races I lost. Look at the difference in PI. I made no mistakes and they were all qualy races. TheĀ pace of these rivals were so quick even with my PI higher the rival out paced me on straights and corners. Itā€™s annoying butĀ just partĀ of the game. You will always progress but only at the pace CodemastersĀ will allow.Ā 




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Knowing that the game is licensed from F1 itself, it makes me think that the game might reflect the real business in F1, the team need to give their fortune to win the competition, well I guess the Hamilton team pay a little bit more than the other team so they can win the title surely šŸ¤£ haha F1 nasty business šŸ¤£, sadly codemaster give a bad taste, by using the term of esport on the game, my suggestion is to remove the license and don't use "eSport" term šŸ˜“

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Frankly, the game is unplayable - Bot carsĀ bash into you, block you randomly, push you off track viciously and on and on. Personally, I have lost total interest and as much as I have detested playing the game sometimes, I have championed it for the most part. But now, I play less. In the past few months since Codemasterā€™s did the best they could to take out aggressive cheaters who crashed into you and got away with it (ghosting - it works - give credit where it is due), - but since then I have not been able addĀ any pi/R&D points toĀ my car (no idea why I donā€™t get anything to upgrade my car, even tried purchasing a few packs) - I haveĀ Ā been in races where my opponent jumpedĀ from being a second behind me to 5 seconds ahead - in a flash, couldnā€™t get past 6300 for a week or so because I kept winning a few and then got pushed off track or because of other bizarre ways to lose. Bottom line -Ā You can win a few races with this game. But overall, you lose.Ā 

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