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New League United Online Racing

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I have a new league called UOR or United Online Racing. It is a unique league that runs off of a realistic platform. We have both Formula 2 and Formula 1 where drivers can move through the ranks fighting for the top step and for a chance in a top seat to prove their talent. Team Principles are those of course who lead the team and chose their driver line-up attempting to lead their teams to the top. We follow a model based off of real life F1 as we try to stray away from the usual equal cars league. This league does have an equal car portion to the league that is much more like the conventional league. This league is open to Play Station, PC and Xbox. To join the discord copy the link https://discord.gg/pzzWP8p4pY
Xbox Race Times

F1-11:30am CST, Saturday

F2-9:30am CST, Saturday


Play Station Times

F1-11:30am CST, Sunday

F2-9:30am CST, Sunday


PC Times

F1-10:00am CST, Saturday or Sunday (To be voted on)

F2-9:00am CST, Saturday or Sunday (To be voted on)



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