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First Game run issue - unable to create profile.

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I purchased the GoTY edition of Dirt Rally 2.0 today and I am not able to get past the loading screen. 

Upon launching, it asks me to create a new Save as there is no save game found and when I select yes, it then throws and error " Save Failed". Upon clicking retry 100 times, still nothing happens. I have Windows 10  (logged in with microsoft account) and using Steam to play this game.

There are no special characters in the user profile and I am the administrator. Have restarted my system, verified the game file integrity twice but no luck.

Please help as this is very frustrating for me. 


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This could be caused my many things really.

Some suggestions I've had given to me:

  1. Try temporarily disabling Steam Cloud Sync
  2. Try temporarily disabling any Anti-Virus, and if it works tell the Anti-Virus scanner to not scan the folder in [3].
  3. Check your permissions and see if you're allowed to modify files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*userid*\690790
  4. If [3] doesn't work and you've never had a savefile, close Steam fully (in the taskbar) and delete that folder.

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