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Black Screen in F1 2020 makes game unplayable

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Hello, my Steam id is imEag and I'm having a blackscreen problem with the game F1 2020 which makes it unplayable.

Description: When I'm racing and I reset a session, use flashbacks or watch a replay the screen turns completely back and I lose the video signal on my monitor, the fans inside the pc start to go faster and I can't do anything on my machine, my only option is to restart pressing the power button.
Platform: Steam
Version of the game: 1.13
Game-mode: Every game mode.
How do I make the problem happen: When I reset a session or  use flashbacks.
What I have tried: I have tried a lot of things, changing in-game configurations (anti-aliasing options, window mode,etc), removing old drives, updating drivers, Reinstalling the game on different HDD, Reinstalling Steering wheel drivers and I have searched on the internet and nothing helped.  
peripherals: 60Hz 1920x1080 monitor, 4k Tv (I have tried playing with only 1 screen and still happens) and  Steering Wheel Logitech Driving Force GT.
When it started to happen: Before playing F1 2020 I used to play F1 2018  with no trouble, I had an intel core i3 6100 and a gpu amd rx580. A month ago I updated my pc and bought a new ryzen 5 3600 and since that moment I started to have black screen problems, so I thought it may be that game and I bought the new game; F1 2020 and the problem continued happening. 
Note: This problem doesn't happen in other games, I play COD Warzone, Project Cars 2, VALORANT. The black screen ONLY happens in these 2 games (F1 2018 and F1 2020).
My Pc specifications: CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600, GPU AMD RX580 8GB Sapphire nitro edition, motherboard AORUS B450 ELITE,  RAM 16GB (2x8) 3200 Mhz Corsair vengeance lpx.
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23 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

You have a mismatched pair of screens. Choose one as the primary display, disconnect the other and delete the hardware_settings_config.xml then try the game again.

Thank you very much for trying to help me. I got to ask you one more question, how do I delete that?

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21 hours ago, Tocicmilipede said:

I have this same problem except when I play in windowed mode I still can't see anything 

pc specs: Ryzen 5 3600X 16gb ram MSI gaming X trio 3060 and it's saved on a 1tb ssd


nvm I fixed it, it was something to do with the anti alaising in the graphic settings


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