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Improvements with Customisation and Career


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First off, I want to say that all the new features and changes to the game for 2020 have been fantastic and hopefully they can be built upon in future games. Here is how I would personally go about it and I hope that these ideas might be looked at and considered:


Right now, we have Livery/Driver/Badge as our customisation menu. I believe we should blend livery and badge into one "Team Editor" alongside "Driver Editor" and move Suits and Gloves over to Team Editor. With Team Editor there would be two options: Create and Edit.


- Create
Like we have with liveries right now, we could have several slots where we can create our teams which would made up of: Livery, Suit, Gloves, Badge, Sponsors, Driver Lineup and Stats. Livery, badge, suit and gloves can remain the same as they currently are. Sponsors would be what we say on AI versions of the team when we don't control them (more on this later). With Driver lineup, we choose a default lineup for the team from the roster of F2 drivers or created drivers (again, more later on). For my example in this thread I'll go with Zhou and a player created Hulkenberg. With Stats, we adjust the starting stats for each of the four categories using their sub categories. So we would adjust Front Aero/Rear Aero/Drag for the Aerodynamics.. Weight, Tyre Wear, Weight Distribution for Chassis etc. So if we want our created team to be a front runner we can increase the stats to reflect that. Maybe there could be an option to change body shapes like front nose/sidepods etc. although I'd be fine leaving it as it is if it means getting the rest of it.
- Edit
This is where we would edit our created teams as well as official teams car stats. So here, if we so wished, we could increase Williams' starting stats so they can start season one as front runners or have Mercedes start as a midfield team if we wanted. Not only would this mean less pressure on the developers in getting performance updates out that some players might disagree with, but it would also mean we can even in a way continue our career mode after season ten by changing the team charts to match the end of a career mode. To help with balancing, it could show what each team would look like after thay have maxed out all upgrades as well.
An ability to change the default lineup would also be welcome although licensing likely won't allow it. Would be great if we could start season one by changing, for example, Williams' lineup to Perez and a created Hulkenberg or something. I don't think it would be impossible though, if they allow drivers to change teams midgame I'm sure a case could be made for allowing changes for season one.


I would then have a similar setup for the Driver/Avatar creation:

- Create
What we have now with face (although a Fifa style editor would be welcome, I'd be fine with what we have now with more faces), pose, podium emote and helmet. But I would then add "Stats" as something to change. For example, I'm using a created Hulkenberg for my example in this thread so I would create him from the faces/helmets etc. but then I'd give him stats in the four categories the game gives us (Let's just give him the same stats as Perez in this example). So if I choose to have him appear in career mode and I'm not playing as him, he can appear on the free driver roster and would perform at those given stats.

- Edit
Same idea as with Teams, here you would edit any created drivers and I'd again, add official drivers here. One of the biggest points of contention in 2020 is the drivers stats so if we can edit the stats ourselves, it would again mean less pressure on the devs with updates and patches and allow us to personalise how these drivers perform. For example, I'd drop Bottas' awareness while increasing Perez and increase a few stats on Kimi for example. If you wanted, we could give Stroll 100 on all stats because why not? Other official sports games allow this so I don't see why F1 shouldn't.


--Career Mode--

Here, I would blend Driver Career and My Team into one. At the start you are given three choices: Play as the Driver, play as the team, or play as both. Driver would be the classic career to what we are used to and both would be what My Team currently is. Playing as a team would be slightly different.
With "Driver" career, you can start by picking one of your created avatars, or creating a new one on the spot. "Both" would work the same way as current My Team where you create your team, choose power unit, choose which created driver to play as as the owner driver, starting sponsor etc.
With "Team" career, you would create your team the same as in My Team, except you pick two drivers from the free roster (so in this example, Zhou and Created Hulkenberg) and then pick which of those two you will play as for the season. At the end of the season, if you change driver lineup, then you can change which driver to play as. So in my example, if I choose to stick with the same lineup then I'll have the option to choose to play as the other driver for season two, but if I change the driver lineup, say I recruit Kimi and Aitken for season two, then I'll choose which one of those two to play as. This would add a little bit of strategy into it as you could hire a strong driver alongside a cheap weaker driver and then play as the weaker driver to try and maximise the points scored and money earned.

If you choose Driver career, you'll be asked whether you want an 11th team to be added into the game. If you want to then you will choose from your created teams which one and then the AI will take control of it in the same way as all the official teams. If you wish, you could even try and sign with that team for season two or even start at that team and replace one of the two drivers you placed as the default lineup in the team creator. So in my example, "Team 11" will operate on it's own with Zhou and created Hulk played by the AI while you could be using a different created driver at Mclaren or something.

At the start of career, you will be given the option to "enable" created drivers to appear on the free roster. Only want 3 of your 10 created drivers to appear? Then just enable those 3 and uncheck the other 7.

Another option at the start of the game would be whether you want any edited stats on teams and drivers implemented or whether you want them as default.

Maybe make it so Resouce Points are only available for that season or for the current regulations. This would hopefully slow down some teams development and give slower teams a chance to catchup. Maybe add a budget system where you can choose to put a % of Resource Points earned into the following seasons budget to try and give you an edge in the next season.



- An option to turn off Driver Retirements. Same way as you can turn driver moves off. Give the player a choice if they want it realistic or if they want Kimi for 10 seasons. More choice is always good.
- An option for players to have random terminal mechanical failures. Been requested for a while, but have it as an option: ON/AI ONLY/OFF. It can make championships too easy to win if your rival has 2-3 DNF's with failures while your car is invincible.

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