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Turn7Racing RaceNet Club - Group A - Power Stage Points - Custom Site - High Scores


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Hi all!

We're a very small Dirt Rally 2 community that is looking for a few new drivers. We intend to run this league with a maximum of 24 drivers to keep it manageable and cosy.

We have our own scoring system with Power Stage Points. We also have our own Dirt Rally 2 high scores at https://turn7racing.net/highscores/dirtrally2.

For more details about this league see https://turn7racing.net/. Please forgive me for not posting the Discord Invite URL, bots might invade us.

Group A

  • For this rally you will need several DLC packs.
  • This rally will run over 7 weeks, you have 7 days to do your entry.
  • Each entry averages about 30-40 minutes.
  • 45 minute service, 4 services.
  • Championship configuration: Setups allowed. Hardcore damage. Any camera. Assists on.



Please let me know if you're interested! PM me on Reddit or follow the instructions on the site 🙂

Kind regards, Le Sac


PS: if you're in doubt, we're chill dudes, don't mind a swear or two, we got some real rally drivers in there and we got a mix of all skill drivers. We're not too strict and no nazi mods.

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The Turn7Racing Group A league's first week in Germany has ended and the results are in! Have a peek at how our club is doing! CA_VIRGINIJUS_M is on his way on becoming Turn7Racing's best rally driver, but Craig_e28 is rising and has proven he's up for the challenge!


We also have a small news article up on our website on what happened during the Rally in Germany here: T7R DR2 - Group A Season 2 - Germany Review.

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