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[PC] [F1 2020] [ Japan/EastAsia/Oceania] 表彰台 "HYOU-SYOU-DAI" (OneDayRace)

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We are hosting a one-day race of only the day on an irregular basis.
This is not a league race competing for points
Our concept is to get together with people who want to enjoy the race.
The host and many participants are Japanese.

We are recruiting participants every time we hold it.
If there are more than 20 participants on the day, the race will be held in a two-round system.
First, players compete for the first round. The lower players will drop out.
The remaining players will compete for the second round as the final.

If you have any questions or messages, please send them to the link 😀

Twitch Link

Twitter Link


Race regulation
F1 2020 PC ver First Round Second Round
category F1 2020 - equal
race distance 25% 50%
parc ferme ON
contact ON
damage OFF FULL
ghost ON
setting FULL
safety car ON
rule flag ON
shortcut STRICT
formation lap ON
race start MANUAL
tyre temperature Inside and Surface
assist limit no pit assist ONLY
car select FREE
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Next race will be different from regular regulation.

classic 1990 limited
・Ferrari F1-90
・McLaren MP4/5B


Next race : British GP
2/15 (Mon) 21:00 (JST)(Japanese Time)
2/15 (Mon) 12:00 (UTC)

If you would like to participate, please open the link.
This is a link to register for participation.



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