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Dirt rally 3.0 ? Maybe ?


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Hi i am not a worker for codemasters this is just a possible improvement/wishlist  for a future dirt rally title.  As great as dirt rally 2.0 was it got boring after a while in career mode, i think it needs to be more interactive with maybe sponsors , paying an entry fee to compete in a one of rally or a championship. also different tyre brands but pay to use the tyres , needs to be harder to buy the higher spec cars. Maybe a calendar with events for the year so you can choose what to compete in e.g if theres a rally on the same weekend as a rx event you need to pick which one to enter or skip both. More of a feel of progression to like start of with near standard car and you need to modify it to compete eg buy a used 106 or civic road car then pay to spec out into a rally car and upgrade parts. This could be done with other cars too and could take time to build so lets say you want to build a evo 8 for next years championship you need to start building during the season your in and be able to finance it. Also the chance to build a team.  Id like to see a more of a natural feel to a rally so entry list contains a mix of all cars like you would see on a normal rally but include various classes so cars can compete in other classes like a 2.0 rwd escort can compete against a 2.0 bmw rwd rather than have 1 car dominate the "80s" class. Also have single day rallys like 9 stages ,2 day rallys ,weekend rallys also . so like a progression system eg you start in the junior class on a normal national event they only compete on 6 stages out of 9 or 1 day in 2 day rally until you build up out of the junior category and can decide what class you want to compete in, then into winning national events you move into international events if you choose to. like to see more interaction with service crew , more tyre wear , really liked the stage degradation but maybe the loose rocks and ruts actually affect grip levels. more stages as i think we are all starting to know them to well now but they are so good still. being able to catch cars like dirt 3 in stages too or being caught was really nice feature, also stages being blocked by crashed cars or stages cancelled for bad accidents or bad conditions. More parts failure too and variable weather like dirt 4 was great. be fun to be able to drive from stage to stage but then it be alot of extra road miles that potentially could be used on stages instead. fuel wear also be cool. Then i think in general more other common rally cars from countrys , like im irish so having a 2.5 mk2 escort would be amazing( just look at any irish rally and theres loads) 99 civic or eg6 and the twincam are some common ones. More basic cars i suppose in general also the sunbeam and darrian t90 have been around for ages. More locations seen as wrc have the usual lets go to other locations, like Ireland( yes im biased lol) , belgium , france, hungary , azores are a couple id like to see but there are alot. Feel free to add what youd like or if you like/disagree with mine , like i said ive no connection with codemasters and this is just what id like to see in a future game  we never know they might be able to/like some of are ideas so always worth a shot. ( not complaining about codemasters either they are smashing the motorsport games , dirt 2 been my favourite game and f1 2020 is so good with my teams, so thanks to all at codemasters for keeping me entertained over lockdown!)

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