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Lots of Immersion Suggestions


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Sorry if I'm double posting suggestions already made or rejected/not possible! I just wanna throw out my own ideas and ideas I have already seen, plausible or not, with my own take on them.

Save Importing - For those who have prior F1 games, it might be a good idea to allow people to convert their first season progression and stats on one game to the following chronological game. I.e. If you played F1 2019, and completed the first season of Career Mode, you have the option to import that save onto your F1 2020 career mode (giving you an extra season and even more immersive progression by maintaining stats and results). You can have an option to keep legally licensed drivers from that first season or have the proper 2020 line-up. Various other checks can be made to ensure you are in the right team/team you want to be in during the importation process. I think this option should be limited to just the first season of any Career Mode on any F1 game.

Allow customisable driver moves within and at the end of the season, plus longer lasting/real life contracts - Self explanatory and suggested by quite a few people already. Would just help maintain immersion and prevent the more wacky driver moves in between and during the seasons. Contracts should also mimic real life. Verstappen has a deal until 2023 for example. One way to force moves is 'performance clauses' which would trigger and allow the AI driver to move to a different team. i.e. If Red Bull in 2022 perform poorly, AI Verstappen can trigger the 'clause' and allow him to move to a new team.

License an older season for a 'Classic Career mode' - This is the least plausible but, perhaps, this could be like as a remaster of F1 2010 with all the new but appropriate-for-the-time mechanics? With three 2010 cars licensed, and the original F1 2010 game still available on Steam, it hints that it could be possible and the most likely option? 

F1 2021 as an expansion to F1 2020, renaming the game F1 2020/21 - I have no idea about the licensing agreement but it would give the boys and girls in the offices (or at home, most likely) some breathing room for 2022. Just an idea given that there is a carry over of cars for next season. Might allow implementation of user suggestions more easier.

F1 2012 style weather system - Still the best weather system out of all the games, be it the actual weather and how the track dries out with the racing line and the like. Adjusting the AI to make bolder or safer choices for tyre changing based on the Experience rating would be a bonus, but we REALLY need that superb weather system back please!

Enable tyre blistering and flat-spots - I think this will be a thing for 2021 anyway given it was worked on in the game files this time around. Would be awesome!

Player mechanical failures, basing the 'random chance' by pre-existing wear on the power unit elements and gearbox - Lots of requests for this but it does not have to be completely random. There is a wear rating on the power unit components for a reason, and would be the best place to go to to determine how 'random' player mechanical failures would work. The more wear a power unit component has, the more likely a failure would happen before it reaches the critical 75%-100% range. Also means the risk of other parts being damaged or even destroyed if the failure is severe. Obviously this needs to be optional so people don't feel hard done by and so purists can have that extra immersive experience. 

Floor, Suspension, Rear Wing damage - Self explanatory, though I understand if licensing is a restriction.

Red flag - Another year, another request for Red flags. They are being used more and more often, think it is time for a reintroduction at some point.

Pre-season testing, cool down laps, completely manual formation lap and pit stopping - More immersion options. Pre-season testing can help or hinder a team based on performance and a little RNG. Manually reaching your grid box and pit box would add an extra, optional challenge to the game.

Licensed custom liveries of each F1 team, selectable from Season 2 of MyTeam and Driver Career - Request the artists of the F1 teams to make some officially licensed concept liveries, or be allowed to make them yourselves (extra incentive for the Podium Pass, aye :P)! Means we don't see the same cars over and over again, even if the livery tweaks are minor for some options.

That's what I have so far, and quite a few are from other posts around the forums, RaceDepartment and your social media comments. I completely understand that most, if not all, cannot be done for 2021 or ever, but I hope it helps out the research team.

Thanks for your work on F1 for the past decade, through high and low, and I look forward to more updates and games in the future.

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I LOVE the idea of pre-season testing. Having run programmes.

Maybe a way of testing new parts like they do in real life. Rather than relying on the parts failing based on your facility level, it would nice to be actually able to test parts in sessions etc. 

I also think it would be cool to have an engine plan for the season, rather than just swapping parts when they are worn. All teams have a plan before the season of where they'll run specific parts. An example would be having a fresh engine at Monza due to it being a power circuit etc. They also know where they want to take grid penalties should they need to as well.

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