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[XBOX 1.14] Save game hang at end of race when hit advance (career or team modes)

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  • A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here.

Got the update today and this has started. No codes, just right after you complete your race and click advance, it hangs for ages on saving game takes 5 minutes or more. Happens in my team and career.

  • Platform

XBOX Series X


  • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen)

Current 1.14


  • Game-mode?

Career and My Team at the completion of the race, when you hit advance, should go to Claire for the interview hangs on ‘Saving Game’


  • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?

F1 2020 is hanging on the save of the race. Launch another game. Go back to F1 2020 and it sits there for three seconds or so and crashes back to the XBOX home.

Relaunch 2020 and same pause again and crashes to XBOX home. Launch again and loads back like the first time it’s started. You then go to either career or team and you find yourself right back to the start of the race, with the formation lap. I’m using all 3 qualification sessions and 25% race distance.


  • How do you make the problem happen?

Ran My Team race weekend and found this bug. Repeated the 25% race distance and waited and waited it eventually saved.


  • What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue

As stated above, launched another game and you have to redo the race again, or wait a long long time and it eventually comes back for the interview with Claire. Did this twice, once each on My Team and Career.


  • What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc)

Thrustmaster TX Servo base with Ferrari F1 wheel



  • Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.


No just a plain black screen with top left saying ‘Saving Game’.

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Hi Barry,

There’s about 40 percent free of the internal 1TB SSD and I have nothing installed yet on the extra 1TB SSD card.  There’s also an external 2TB HDD which has some other not common played games.

I managed to get through the two races, both were in Suzuka.

However I couldn’t skip the formation lap as when the save loads again, it goes straight into the formation lap.

Yesterday I got through two races at COTA in both my team and career.

Only issue I had yesterday was when I launched 2020 it hang on the opening screen for about a minute and Xbox says is hanging and failed to start offering to close it. Tried again same issue. Third time it loaded fine and played perfectly, not one glitch.

XBOX Series X load time is like 10 seconds.

XBOX was also restarted with full cold boot three times the day of Suzuka, and the fault repeated 3 times, since the my team I did the race 2 extra times and career one extra time. 125% race distance 😞 arms sore...

At this stage it looks totally random.. No other games glitched those days...

I will report back today later if it miss behaves at the two Mexico races. If one messes up, I’ll disable the formation lap before starting the other save.





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