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My holiday wishlist for the telemetry interface


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I've been using the telemetry data for over a year by now and here are some of the things I wish to be improved upon in F1 2021 and beyond - the suggestions are totally specific to what I use the data for (an online platform for telemetry comparison, leaderboards and a setup directory) so you may agree or not agree with it depending on what you use it for.

Merge packages

I find it rather odd that the data is split up into so many different packages. It makes sense for the events, lobby info and results package but for the other data it feels weird to have to stitch all the data back together. I would also be curious why the data is split up this way?

Shared memory file on PC

One thing I like about the kind of API AC/ACC and I believe iRacing as well (?) offer is the shared memory file, this seems to make more sense on a PC to me than to rely on UDP being, well, reliable. It would make things a lot nicer to work with on PC in my opinion.

A "Lap Completed" event

Unless I missed something, the only way to tell that a driver completed a lap is to check whether there has been a change in the m_currentLapNum field or look at the m_lapDistance field to see if it went closer to 0. The way I would imagine such an event to work is that it would maybe even include the first and last frameId of the completed lap. Not sure how feasible that is but it would make things a tad more convenient.

Send a "flashback used" event in races

During time trial this works fine since it actually invalidates the current lap time but since this does not seem to be the case in a race. It would be great to have an event for this to be able to have a consistent "invalidation" logic between race session and TT. It might even make sense to just have this be an event instead of a penalty? If I overlooked this I apologise but I did not see any such events come through during a race session.

Better documentation, samples and a dedicated page for the docs

It would be nice to have a dedicated docs page for the UDP packets - maybe even with sample code for people who are just starting out and want to learn coding a bit, though that is more the icing on the cake. In general I find it hard to keep track of changes, especially between game versions - a forum is just not the best place to document this kind of topic. This is bugging me so much that I am always just inches away from spinning up a little docs page myself for everyone to use.

Also, while some fields have example values or ranges of values, it would be great to have better example data available to validate ones own code and data readings. What would be super helpful for some folks might even be a sample data pack that can be replayed so we don't have to drive around in circles all the time while coding (read: context switching too much is disruptive as hell). yes, I could do this on my own, but it would be a great developer experience if some of those things were provided as part of an SDK of sorts.

Alright, that's it for now - happy to chat about any of the suggestions in more detail!


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This is a great example of where something in the UDP data changed (the possible values for teams with the F2 2020 launch) and the documentation hasn't been updated nor did a developer have enough time to prepare for the change 


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