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Simracing is not that great

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I watched Nico Rosberg playing AC & F1 2020 by Codemasters. I watched some of his hotlaps.

*Source taken from youtube search

Bahrain GP using F1 2020
Rosberg did a low 1:27.0**
Near WR time made by gamer, 1:24.**

Istanbul Park Assetto Corsa
Rosberg did a low 1:33.2**
Near WR time made by gamer, 1:24.***

So in F1 2020, there's a difference of 3sec in lap time. As for AC, there's a whopping 9sec of difference. 

What struck me the most is how deep Nico Rosberg trail brake naturally to the apex in F1 2020. Although in AC, he doesn't seem to get the feel of the car. He end up braking too early & accelerate too early. I mean he's off for the acceleration/brake transition, resulting beyond terrible lap time compare to the gamer lap time.

His rig is probably setup by professional rig installer. He got like 400fps in AC. He seems busy enough to not waste time on games.

I am aware that F1 2020 has no purpose to real racing. The track ain't laser scanned nor have advanced physic. Although, when you start to investigate about driving, it seems better than simracing at quick glance. It's kind of sad to see gamer without a steering wheel try & buy the reputable simracing genre for the realism. In the end they learn absolutely nothing about driving, cause the aka simcade does the job much better without relying on advanced physic.

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The main reason for this is the gamers are better drivers in the games.  And very likely the gamers would be better drivers than Rosberg in the real cars with that time invested.  You have to remember that the barrier for playing a sim is MUCH MUCH MUCH lower than getting a lifetime of training and track time and then a chance in F1.  So the talent pool is much larger.

So basically you can say different things about it.  You haven't put the gamer in the F1 car or F1 team simulator for any serious test to see how well they would do.

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So when you grow up racing in real cars, whether it be karting or full on cars, you learn to drive by feeling. You feel the loss of grip, you feel the g's as you rotate, break and accelerate, plus you learn to use your peripheral vision alot more to convey vehicle placement. When you lose all that input, you have to rely on just your forward vision, and the feedback that the steering wheel provides. You lose alot of information and that will effect your ability to drive at the same level. So unless you invest the hours in, you will be alot slower as you have to essentially learn to drive in a new way.

I will admit i'm not a Rosberg fan but with that said, you have to admit he's not really a technical driver. Technical drivers like George Russel can drive on the sheer mechanics of perfect steering input, acceleration and breaking. So when he hops in the sim, he's got such a clean driving style that he's able to excel even while losing some of the sensations and input as previously noted. 

Sim racing forces you to focus more on breaking points, smooth inputs and tidy driving lines. Sim racing is not perfect, but if you put in the time to learn proper driving technique it will translate to the track.


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