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[PC] - Xbox One Controller issues / wrong mapping


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has anyone else issues with the mapping of the Xbox One Controller on PC?
F1 2015 runs fine with my old Xbox 360 wireless PC contoller. But if I try to play with the XBO Controller, the mapping is completly wrong (Can't accalerate on RT etc.)

I tried to set it to manual controller configuration, but then the dead zone of steering is too small -> often the car goes left right on the straight if my fingers are minimal moving on the left stick.

Is there any workaound? The game recoginze the controller as a standad xbox (360) contoller.

edit: F1 2014 works fine with the XBO Controller on PC. I have this issue only with F1 2015.

thank you & best regads,

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hey guys,

I now solved the problem. Start the game without connected controller, so only the keyboard preset is loaded.
Afterwards connect the XBO controller ingame and everything works fine. It seems the problem resulted in using the x360 controller first ..
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