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AI strategies are infuriating- Including 2nd drivers


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Virtually every race in MyTeam the AI go for more stops regardless of any situation. Singapore for one is an easy one stop and track position is king, it's practically Monaco and half the field did 3 stops. Russia the easiest one stop on the calendar and no AI went for the one stop, a few even did 3 stops and lost their top 10 position as a result. Japan when coming towards the end of the first stint, rain was incoming. The AI made stops for fresh softs then had to go to inters 3 laps later, they should extend. USA, again a doable one stop but two does make sense. Not one AI car did a one stop, several did three including my 2nd driver who has three of the tyre wear upgrades on the chassis. I'm the team boss, why do we get no say in our driver's strategies? On two occasions my 2nd driver has been fighting for minor points and finished outside the points by making an entirely pointless third stop. Also the AI always pit on schedule, they never account for where they are coming out of the pits. They also don't react to being stuck in a train of cars despite the fact that Jeff will pick up on it if you're in one and suggests changing strategy.

Cars outside the top 10 shouldn't almost always start on the softs

In MyTeam you should set second driver strategy before the race starts

It would be nice if the AI didn't rigorously stick to the set strategy


*Also in MyTeam it is annoying that the second driver can take 10 place engine penalties several times instead of getting a new engine in one go and starting the the back once.

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