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How to Improve F1 as a title 4.0


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Some of the things i would like to see on next gen for f1 or future games is
1. Paint Shop similar to forza or gran turismo to where you can properly paint a car/helmet/suit/logos and maybe and option to share with friends for league racing.
2. Option to pick exactly how many tyres of each compound to use for a race weekend online and offline could be done in the settings for the lobby offline, and online it could be one of the options next to the team you choose while you wait in the lobby, i say this because it would be nice to have more of the harder compounds for qualiying. 
3. A better button input system that doesn't copy the same button for some features... Like on the Thrustmaster TX 458 wheel on xbox, two buttons on the wheel do the same function as standard, and can't be tweaked because it just tells you to bind it as both buttons are programmed stock to work as a double A button input.
4. Bring back Online Championship mode or work it into leagues and make the leagues section more straight forward and simple to run like online championship was, i don't understand why leagues was made with the 30 minute until start of race auto timer was added in... Just makes it harder to regulate the lobby with ovee eager people. 
5. Being able to have full VR support across all platforms in all modes.
6. Being able to pick/change the aesthetic parts of the career mode or online car in a customisation section (Front wing, Steering wheel, Rear Wing, Rear Winglets, Floor, Floor Winglets, Front Wing and Winglets, Bargeboards).
7. Return to garage option would be greatly appreciated back in online sessions, as it reduces alot of time and alot of sims have a instant return to pits button... And we haven't seen it on f1 games since 2015. 
8. Better and more accurate track limits, as currently it's barely consistent or realistic at all.. One lap i go a millimetre over a white line and thats a warning or penalty worthy, the next two or three times i can hang half my car out and it's fine... Then vice versa the laps after. 
9. More accurate track models, so far in 20 we have seen a few tracks be reworked and edited to be closer to real life, but sadly not all the tracks have the same effort put in... Like spa for example they reworked one kerb, but didn't widen and flatten the exit of no name like it is in real life, nor did they fix the lack of extra run off on the right hand side leading up to blancimont. They also didn't get rid of the weird hill like bump after the last corner apex and turn one and thats just not how the track is in real life.
10. Classic tracks if we had them as an option 7 years ago on 2013, why can't we get them or atleast the current ones used this year IRL on next years game as DLC? Logically if they started work on them as the irl season started they should be done by the release of F1 2021... (as according to them tracks take a year to create and finalise) every other game is made years prior too so thats also more time on their side to get things done, specially now that they own data from most of those tracks due to recent buyouts of a certain company that makes project cars. 
11. Better options for the MFD display like asking if your car has any specific damage, or asking if the cars around you have damage or if they have pitted or their potential pit window, or asking for the speed trap info stuff like that. 
12. Being able to join a online session late and pick your exact car you want or need to be in specially for league events. 
13. F1 cars tend to be very pointy and on the nose twitchy, i believe every car should be on the edge of spinning in a high speed section on default setup... Then allow us to make changes to the setup to reduce the oversteer instead of catering to the average person with the stock understeering setups because they can't handle how a real open wheel car operates. 
14. Better physics at slower speeds, i want to be able to not have to overly think about my throttle input. If you watch any sort of onboard with telemetry IRL the power band is alot higher in the rev range. You can see that they not only use 3rd gear for most slow corners and have amazing rotation but they also have amazing traction to only need to modulate the throttle very slightly a tad below mid range or so then they just mash the pedal it's extremely linear and smooth unlike in this game... 
15. I want to be able to control my downshifts properly regardless if it wears my engine out quicker or not... I hate the fact that IRL (if you watch bottas's nurburgring hotlap and most cars at turkey on a severely low grip track) he/they can quick downshift and the car and engine braking mode slow him/them down at the speed necessary for braking zones, so far in the 2020 game i feel like compared to real life you have to downshift way too slowly for seemingly no reason in high speed zones in particular... In slow speed all is good.
16. Less reflective surfaces on tracks sometimes on some tracks i need to tweak my in game brightness to be able to fully see the track without being blinded particularly in braking zones.
17. Online needs to be super stabalised next year as 2020 so far has left a sour taste in many peoples mouths with it's online not capable to run races without some sort of issue happening outside of players control... TRL Limitless voiced his opinion on it fairly recently too. 
18. Better bug fixing efficiency, i get that by making a title on many different platforms and millions and millions of copies, there is bound to be a corrupted file or two... But the amount of glitches found on this years game in particular is ridiculous every other patch makes the game worse. 
19. Giving a designated spectator the ability to control the VSC safety car and or yellow flag situations would be a HUGE help, as it would provide a human element in the races that an algorithm or AI wouldn't consider thus giving us more control in critical moments of the race. 
20. Being able to have better visual optimisation for the in car mfd, as at some points you can't read it at all (williams is a classic case in point) unless i have my fov moved unrealistically forward it can't be read...
21. Having a throttle, brake and steering info bar showing your inputs would be great, i know they added most of that in one of the more recent updates but in cockpit view it's distracting having the same info displayed in the exact same design twice, my idea would be to have the info shown to you in tiny boxes with bars in them that reflect your input like in iRacing, or Rfactor, or Assetto Corsa to name a few.
22. Adding in an option to allow a majority vote system which allows all drivers to vote for restarts instead of making an entirely new lobby to sort the grid via the grid editor when it's needed.
23. Accurate car models and sponsors, as some cars are missing sponsors in key areas, for example mclaren and their big velo or vype sponsor that breaks up the large blue panel on their sidepods, and racing point with their new sidepod design. 
24. Adding more variety in names to be used in the character creation screen, because having the same names for 3+ years is stale... And for people like me kinda hopeless having to use a name that is somewhat like my own... Or giving up on that and having to use a nickname that doesn't suit me at all. 
25. Double Stacking pitstops should have been added to these titles much earlier on as it's doable in real life.
26. Ability to choose the strategy our teammate uses in races in either career mode or grand prix, or My team, or online even.
27. Option to start from the pitlane or option to bring it in as a penalty admins can enforce. 
28. Option for lapped cars to overtake safety car to join lead lap, or just overtake to properly organise the grid
29. Drying line
30. Dedicated theater system with vault for saving full length race replays (instead of the 5 to 10 minute long highlights) with better replay camera angles... Because no one wants to look at buildings for half a replay at some tracks lol, take inspiration from iRacing their camera angles are amazing 👍
31. Better and more accurate changes of the wing/tyres in the pits instead of the animation showing they are taking them off only for the wheels and wing to remain in place and be overlapped with the newer tyres or wing... 
32. Visual representation of wing level people are running... Example, if people are running low wings then the game shows them running a monza rear or front wing... And vice versa
33. Please bring in an option to fix damage only in a pitstop so we don't always have to change tyres... This would help out massively on starts after turn one incidents... If we can sort damage then we don't need to alter our strategy completely... 
34. Braking i feel is all or nothing... Some zones i feel like you have to brake alot earlier and or harder than you could on most recent titles, i also feel like the lock ups happen far too early in certain corners, i would also like to be able to have a further rear bias instead of 50 where on most occasions i can't trail into a corner without pushing off the right line or without a small lock up that scrubs speed. 
35. I would like a option to not change tyres in pitstops, as it helps out if we've been damaged or spun out and want to keep our original strategy without losing even more time changing tyres, same thing goes for just changing a wing if broken too. 
36. Better kerb physics... For example japan in sector 1 and through spoon even if you barely graze the rumble strips the car gets pulled around or fly's off the track becaused it's been dragged round with exaggerated force.
37. Better sound profiles for better immersion if you watch an onboard of the mercerdes or racing point, even the engine ferrari use has this kinda dull to high pitch whine similar to a set of gears turning at high speed. 
38. Option to visibly remove the halo... After grosjeans crash this may be viewed as heavily contraversial, but in my view it is a game at the end of the day it's not dangerous and being a game means variety of choice, and i feel it's always best to have an option and choose not to use it, rather than one you want but don't have/cant use.
39. Improved start procedure, because IRL it seems they use alot lower revs than we are allowed to use in the game... If we started with low ish revs like they do in real life we'd bog down off the line.
40. Option to turn off SC or VSC separately of eachother... To impact races the way we want them.
41. Option to have none as a ERS option to save ers just like how in real life they can stop deployment in quali to recharge the battery for a second quali run.
42. Having full control of my car under full safety car... Hate having my revs dip because the game decides to randomly lock you out of throttle control.
43. Forcing all drivers onto pit speed limiter under VSCs to avoid people cheating the delta.
44. Option to run our personalised race suits and helmets and gloves and so on in the official Formula one cars. 
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