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F1 2020 Crashes at Startup on Xbox


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1. When Starting the game from the xbox home screen, the game cycles through the starting screens, when the "Communicationg with Online services" screen, It immediately crashes.

2 1.14

3. N/A

4. It happens every time. 

5. Every time the game starts

6. Yes, Ive deleted the game and re installed numerous times. Both from the disc, and from the internet. Ive deleted all and updated the Xbox then reinstalled the game. Ive emptied the Cache, Ive powered down completely. All other games on the xbox one work perfectly. Ive disconnected the Thrustmaster wheel and pedals, Ive tried to start with the wifi disconnected. All to no avail. 

7. Thrusmaster Wheel and Pedals, 


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