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Vettal really has the right competition in his own teams garage!


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     Yesterday's Canadian Grand Prix was one of the most awesome to be seen in a long time!  Things really started getting fun once the 60th lap was run, and Riccardo, ( sorry about the spelling ), managed to take home one of the best wins he'll ever see!  This guy is phenomenal, and Vettal is going to have to really start bitching to his engineers if he wants to start winning again!  If that is indeed where his trouble really lies!  Riccardo kept the pressure on his team mate throughout the entire race and Red Bull knows it.  Did I per chance see Vettal showing just the smallest amount of fear after the race was over?  I can't be sure, but what I can be sure of is that Vettal could have parked his car within the young upstarts wide smile!  I've never seen a racer more jubilant yet calm standing where he was yesterday afternoon, and no wonder...He seems always to be right where he needs to be so that he can capitalize on the mistakes ahead of him, and overall I'd have to vote him the best driver in the pack right now with a consistency that no one can touch!  I LOVE this sport! 
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