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Some more features in game


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Hello there Codemasters,
You have made many great changes to the game this year but I think you still haven't added some features some of us have asked from you. Some of them are, ability to save race replays. You did that with highlights but why not race as well? I mean other racing games are doing it. If you could add the feature to save race replays, especially online race replays that would be wonderful as it helps with analyzing race incidents in league races. And if we could use our custom character in Grand Prix mode not only just in career mode would also be great for many single player mode players out there who want to race with their custom character in any car they want without having to race in career mode or online mode. This one is just, personal I guess, but if you would add in more national flags that would be great. I live in Nepal and would love to show my country flag in the race and I think many other players whose national flag is not in the game share this thought with me. And please less of the items behind paywalls. You can keep better items behind paywalls if you want but if we could get more options in the start that would be great. That is all. I hope you guys can add most of these features in the game, hopefully next year at least.

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