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Learning to go faster


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As a F1 beginner and real F1 passionate, i would like to learn and practice to go faster. My pleasure is to try to be better curv after curv.

But in this game there is no mode to try to do the best bend. Trying to gain some ms.

It could be nice to have perfection training for 90° bend, 180° bend, 2 bends 3 bends, Bend open to close, close to open, 45° bend, etc etc. with gold silver levels depending of time to cross the bend

other training to learn brake distance, brake without glide, other training to learn acceleration

and special learning to drive on border of the road, understanding advantage a disadvantage taking or not some border


Another feature could be to be able analyse the race circuit with ideal speed versus my speed, ideal APEX versus my position for each turn

Some training to touch the maximum speed in a bend just before gliding


during the game there is some advice with the name of bends but there is no map with the name of each bend so this advice is not realy useful without knowing the name of bends


On the other side from decontract driving to expert driving there is no benefit no progression.

I think it could be better to have some reward going step by step to drive without assitance.

For example more bonus after a race in carrier mode to buy new features for the car etc etc


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Yeah absolutely, I think i would not learn driving without abs without watching from youtube about trail braking , and now lately i find out about how weight transfer during brake/throttle. I have played this game 2 years now. 
This is reason why many top esport drivers have from other games basic sim experience and also like Opmeer who was real F3 driver.

But yeah imagine if there was practice race Starts mode, lights go out and you try reach 300m line as fast as possible. That would be so fun on time trial.

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