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Rebirth of Operation Flashpoint


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Out of all the Operation Flashpoint games, Red River and Cold War Series were my two favorite ones. I'm huge at MilSim and always loved the idea of Flashpoint. There were a few things I would have liked done differently, but overall they were far better than games like Battlefield overall. The Semi-Realism in them were far beyond. I know a lot of people degraded the games, but out of the people I associate with on Xbox and PC, I still play with a large community of milsim'ers who love flashpoint and want another game to release. Below is an idea of the game that we all have put our minds down to do and we hope both Players and Developers put their two sense in to share what you think:




Operation Flashpoint: World War III


In 2025 the United States becomes a threat to the rest of the world. With the United States having multiple of Bases, Embassies and Government Agents around the world, the 10 Main Super Powers had talks within the United Nations to have the United States remove their powers from their countries to prevent complications in the Future. With the Russian Federation, Chinese Empire, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, these super powers have their beliefs and strengths becoming weakened due to the United States' manpower spread throughout the world. Russia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel join forces under a peace treaty to remove the United States influence from their land by force if needed, if the United Nations Peace Meeting doesn't come to an understanding. In 2026 World War III breaks loose when the United States retaliates against the Russian Federation after the RUS forces Americans within the Russian Federation to vacate their lands after a raid on the US Embassy and CIA Safe houses throughout Russia.


The game would take place throughout the world, it would be a game played on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Within the game, we would no longer have the Large Yellow Circle that surrounds the team and in story mode, you can have up to 20 Players, each having the option to join their buddies fire-teams or in charge of their own AI Support group. With Operation Flashpoint Red River, allowing people to choose their attachments and weapons per class, including upgrading their stats to better perform the ability to progress through the story, the AI would address you by your Rank or Callsign, (this would be at the players discretion in the beginning).

  • You would choose a side of the war and your nation. With 10 Super Powers, there would be 10 story lines in full, Each story would have 20 Missions in total leading to the end of the war.
  • You'd be able to choose your own Weapons, Class, Attachments, Perks and more
  • You would be able to progress differently throughout the classes, only unlocking weapons for that one Nation/Country
  • Some missions would include Special Operations and will only allow you to play with up to 8 players
  • In PVP, there would be Vehicles, Aircraft and Watercraft like in Dragon Rising, but wider and larger (Being able to use the whole map in a Attack/Defend mode like Annihilation was. Same for the other modes like Supremacy and etc)
  • Each map would be different, inlcuding DLC over the years
  • In order to use a tank, fly a plane or helicopter, etc, you would have to complete a training course and get certified to use them, like it was in the Cold War Series


We have so many ideas, and most of us plan on making a game like Operation Flashpoint and ArmA, but would love to see Codemasters bring Flashpoint back in any way possible. The idea above is just one small idea out of the 400 ideas we have accumilated within our community since Operation FlashpointL Red River in 2011. The International MilSim Community has over 2000 members cross-platform on Xbox, PC and PlayStation and between Veterans and MilSimers we all have monthly talks about the games we play on games like:

  • DayZ
  • Operation Flashpoint Series
  • Battlefield Series
  • ArmA Series
  • Squad
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Star Citizen
  • Insurgency Series
  • Many more


We hope to see Flashpoint be reborn one day. Whatever Codemasters decides to do we recommend five things:

  • Don't let critics knock you down, MilSimers will always purchase your games, play them and endure them
  • Remove the Yellow Circle of Death from the game to give players more freedom
  • Make AI's more intelligent and Give Aircraft and other vehicles a fighting chance against small arms fire
  • Make the game similar to Red River, meaning the Soldier and Weapon Play but a pinch more realism
  • Make a Flashpoint that is based on what modern war is at now, So like what we are going through and dealing with, ISIS, Taliban, Pandemic, the Brink of a new war with China and Russia. Etc. Split it up on Superpower stories like China's View, Russia's View and the United States View. - It'' keep things interesting.


If we had a Flashpoint that had the Cold War Series Certification Courses for vehicles, with the combination of the Dragon Rising Single player missions and PVP, with the Red River's Soldier, Weapons and Perks play style, that would be a great game. Now we wait for the Critics to hate on us and we hope to hear from everyone shortly.


Thank You !


International MilSim Community

CEO Ghost of the TSC International 

12/14/2020, 18:34 EST

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I totally agree. I really miss Red River. I mean I can play it and I still do, but would really like to buy another DLC for it or see a new part of this game or that of Rragon Rising. I am a big fan of both titles. I even have the collector's edition of Dragon Rising (with the WW2 helmet)  It's got so much potential! 

By the way, how do I join your community? 

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On 12/26/2020 at 9:55 PM, Vova15 said:

I totally agree. I've tried to reach out to Codemasters many time, I even left a message on Sion Lenton's youtube page hoping to get any reply. I really miss Red River. I mean I still play it (played campaign last night again) and Dragon Rising, too. But I want them back. I'd definitely pay for another RED RIVER DLC.

How do I join your community? 

To join the TSC International (Super Sim) contact us at

 - central-command@tsci-xbox.com

To join our community that is slowly deteriorating. Message us here:

 - ismc.milspec@inbox.ru

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